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North Carolina 226

Northern Terminus:  Near Buladean, NC  (Tennessee State Line)
Southern Terminus:  Grover, NC  (Via US 29)
Total Miles: 100

Bannered Routes
One Alternate Route

  • Little Switzerland (11 miles)

    NC 226A is the only alternate state route in North Carolina. NC 226 also has a Truck Detour for southbound truckers from Spruce Pine to Woodlawn, but not likewise for northbound truckers, thus not making it a full-pledge truck route. At the state line, NC 226 becomes TN 107 and continues towards Unicoi.

    Though US 19-E is a important connector road, NC 226 is the economic backbone of Mitchell County. It is the quickest route to the Piedmont, and almost every road connects with NC 226.

    This popularity has it's drawbacks though. Truckers also use this road and everyday make the difficult descent down the mountain from Spruce Pine to US 221. Several warning signs, truck turnoffs and even one runaway truck ramp are along the four mile track down. There is even a 27 mile detour south route, for Trucks, taking you north on 19-E to US 221 and back south again.

    The only state highway with an alternate route. As you may have guessed, it was the original route. It plays as a more scenic route to take than the quick four mile drive of the main route. Though it is longer, it is not any less curvy and goes to the small community of Little Switzerland. If for nothing else, it is another marked route going up or down the mountains into the Piedmont

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    226A S. Terminus (03/18/01)

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