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N.C. 22

Northern Terminus:  Greensboro, NC  (100 yards from US 421)
Southern Terminus:  Southern Pines, NC  (Via NC 2)
Total Miles: 66

Bannered Routes

Oh this is just wrong! If you look at the Northern Terminus picture, you'll see a once NC 22 that ended at US 421. The reason is because of the new I-85 that will By-Pass Greensboro; and since NC 22 ends at the same spot as where the Interstate will connect, I guess something had to give. But what upsets me is that there is NO connection, not even a detour route, from the two roads. Apparently NC 22 isn't high on NCDOT's list. Well, at least it still passes through CLIMAX!

I'm going to guess that once the new I-85 is finish, that it will reconnect with US 421, but will probably come up short in connecting with the Interstate.


Northern Terminus (03/10/01)

First Sign South (03/10/01)

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