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N.C. 183

Eastern Terminus:  Jonas Ridge, NC  (Via NC 181)
Western Terminus:  Linville Falls, NC  (Via US 221)
Total Miles: 4

Bannered Routes

Even though there is no signs to the Blue Ridge Parkway, there are several roads from NC 183 that connect to it. If you follow NC Bike Route 2, it will lead you to the BRP. NC 183 provides the west access to the Linville Falls and Gorge area; the BRP provides the east access to the area.

This highway is relatively ignored by tourist that go instead onto the Parkway, so traffic is nonexistent. Add salt to injury, the BRP has an spur overpass that ignores NC 183. For a brief moment, NC 183 will cross into McDowell County before ending on US 221 in Burke County (barely).
The Restaurant at the end of NC 183 is known as the Rock House. The Rock House is situated where all three counties meet (Avery, Burke, and McDowell). Oddly, the exact spot where all three meet is in the Men's Bathroom (I'm not going into any more detail than that).

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