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N.C. 16

Northern Terminus:  Saint Marys, WV  (Via WV 2)
Southern Terminus:  Waxhaw, NC  (Via NC 75)

NC Miles:  150
VA Miles:    70
Nationaly:  450

Bannered Routes
One Truck Route

  • Newton (4 miles)

    One of the longest continued state highways around, successfully goes through three states and end near the border on both ends (Ohio and South Carolina).

    One of the more important state roads in North Carolina. It also gets treated better than some of the US Highways in the area (US 221 for starters). The complete drive from Waxhaw to the Virgina border is none threating, and should never get lost on it.


    Mouth of Wilson, VA (04/07/01)

    Virgina State Line (04/07/01)

    NC 16 & NC 18 (03/19/01)

    Truck NC 16 (03/24/01)

    Southern Terminus (04/06/01)

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