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North Carolina Bicycling Highways

One of the less known things about North Carolina is the Bicycling Highways that zig-zag across the state. Bicycling Highways are usually marked with a small white/green sign with a number and a picture of a bike above it. The most recognized is NC Bike Route 2, which travels from the Murphy to Manteo. Here is a list of the major bike routes in the state:

  • US Bike 1 - "Carolina Connection"
    Hangs around Highway US 1 from Virginia to South Carolina.

  • NC Bike 2 - "Mountains to Sea"
    From Murphy to Manteo, the longest bike route.

  • NC Bike 3 - "Ports of Call"
    Follows close to US 17 on the coast.

  • NC Bike 4 - "North Line Trace"
    From the mountains to the coast near the Virginia state line.

  • NC Bike 5 - "Cape Fear Run"
    Roughly parallels the Cape Fear River.

  • NC Bike 6 - "Piedmont Spur"
    From Morganton to Asheboro.

  • NC Bike 7 - "Ocracoke Option"
    A spur off Bike 2 to Ocracoke, along the Neuse River.

  • NC Bike 8 - "Southern Highlands"
    Mountain fun around the Hendersonville area.


    US Bike 1/NC Bike 2 (03/10/01)

    NC Bike 72 (03/11/01)

    Several communities in North Carolina also have there own Bike program. Though some use other signs, most use the similar NC bike logo, which might confuse a few; but that's better than some which have no marked route, only a map. So, if your driving and you see a little green number sign, you'll now know what it is. Happy Biking!

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