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Welcome to the Vicks home in cyberspace.
We hope you enjoy your visit.
We started this site in April so we will
be adding more as time goes by.
One of our main reasons for creating this site
is so we can keep our families and friends udated on
pictures and events happening in our lives.
We welcome all visitors to
enjoy our site as well.

My name is Carmen and my husband's
name is Scott.Along the way we will tell
alittle more about ourselves and our family.



The links above will take you to our childrens page.We hope you enjoy your visit with them.



Counter started on April 24th,2002.

I founded this site two years ago and it has grown into a community for women to share thier pain and happiness.We hope you will stop in and give them a visit.

If you have a family friendly site then you can apply for our award.No adult sites will win.

I am proud of each and every one of the awards
and gifts our site has recieved.We hope you
will stop by and visit some of the people
who have awarded our site.


Meet Scott.

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