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The Odyssey One Takes

Buffy/Angel Fanfiction, Key Fiction and Original Fiction by tj Goldstein.

In each story, no-one is living the life they thought they would.

Each one embarked on their own little journey.

**1 January 2007**

Due to the fact that I haven't updated this site in well over 3 years, I am considering closing this one down and allocating myself a personal page on my other site, Xander Xtreme.

If anyone has any further suggestions, please don't hesitate to email me on...

Thank you to everyone who goes to the trouble of asking me how my writing is going, I appreciate it. However, my writing simply isn't... going at all. With attending University part-time and also doing full-time work, the time isn't there and quite frankly, although I have all the stories crowding my mind, I just can't seem to find the willpower to pick up writing again.

Rest assured, I will finish all my stories. I simply don't know *when* they will be finally finished.

Thank you once again.


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