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My Team Fortress Classic Page


If you've never played Team Fortress before, there are a few concepts you'll want to familiarize yourself with, and in a hurry. A lot has been changed from basic Half-Life deathmatch and teamplay, and below are the most fundamental points you'll need to get a hold of.

Getting Started

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Team Fortress Classic is a new teamplay modification for Half-Life. It's basically an update of the original Team Fortress mod for Quake, which was (by far) one of the most popular modifications ever made for any game.

The mod pits two teams against each other, each with specific objectives to accomplish on each map. Some maps offer straightforward "Capture the Flag" gameplay, while others require teams to take control of a specifc area, or even assisinate/protect a specific player. The one constant to all modes of TFC gameplay, though, is the emphasis on teamwork. Unlike many CTF mods, where a single player loaded with powerups can sometimes dominate a match, it's incredibly hard for anyone to do the same in Team Fortress Classic.
Further emphasizing the teamplay aspect are the various "classes" in the game. Instead of all players sharing the same attributes, like speed, armor, and weapons, TFC allows you to play as one of nine characters, such as "Soldier", "Medic", or "Spy". Each of these classes has their own strengths and weaknesses, like varying speeds and armor, along with its own special set of weapons.


Altogether, there are nine classes in Team Fortress Classic: "Scout", "Sniper", "Soldier", "Demoman", "Medic", "Heavy Weapons Guy", "Spy", "Pyro" and "Engineer". Some, like the Scout, are extremely quick but easy to kill, while others, like the Heavy Weapons Guy, are walking tanks loaded with heavy artillery but move incredibly slow. Each has their own special attributes and, in some cases, can use weapons or perform tasks that no one else can.

As you get more familar with Team Fortress Classic, you'll learn more about all the classes, their different weapons, and the roles each play on your team. To be effective, teams will need a healthy balance of different classes.

For complete information on all the classes in the game, check out the classes section

Everything a newbie needs to know

Map Strategies
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