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RTW Slew Foot Sue

2007 Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly, wmt: 16.2hh
Discipline: Allowance Racing, dirt
INJC Registry # 1172

RTW Tricky Tariat Tariat Dancer Shantariat
Addie's Dancer
Clear Pick Pick Up The Phone
Clear Light
Slew Fly Pie Slew O Wood Seattle Slew
Big Shot
No More Juice Orange County
Flaming Zona

Race Record: 20-04-05-03
Race Earnings: $396,250
ASRA Record: 08-01-02-01
ASRA Earnings: $193,000
INJC Record: 04-00-00-02
INJC Earnings: $13,200

Serendipity Stables's Espresso Race Meet 08.19.11
1st Allowance - 7f - 2y/o+ - open gender - dirt [$40,000]

ASRA Eight Belles Stakes & Undercard 06.02.11
5th Sir Barton Allowance - Mares/Fillies - 7f - dirt [$3,000]

ASRA Lone Star Park Handicap 06.02.11
1st Sir Barton Allowance - Mares/Fillies - 7f - dirt [$60,000]

INJC August 12, 2011 Allowance & Maiden Races
3rd 5f on dirt Allowance, 3y/o+ [$5,200]

ASTA September '10 Races 09.26.10
TT Allowance - 5f - dirt

ASRA Los Angelos Zoo Thoroughbred Race 10.04.10
6th Sir Barton Allowance - Mares/Fillies - 5f - dirt

SAI's Beaufort Sea Race 07.21.10
1st Allowance - 5f - dirt [$30,000]

ASRA Red Sea Thoroughbred Race 07.21.10
2nd Sir Barton Allowance - mares/fillies - 5f - dirt [$45,000]

ASRA Gobi Desert Thoroughbred Race 07.08.10
2nd Sir Barton Allowance - mares/fillies - 5f - dirt [$45,000]

ASRA Tight End Thoroughbred Race 02.19.10
5th Sir Barton Allowance - Mares/Fillies - 5f - dirt

ASRA Touchdown Thoroughbred Race 02.19.10
3rd Sir Barton Allowance - Mares/Fillies - 5f - dirt [$40,000]

SAI's Frosty Race 01.08.10
2nd Allowance - 5f - dirt

Serendipity Stable's Stanley Cup Final Race Meet 06.17.09
6th Allowance - 7f - dirt

SAI's Tulip Race 04.26.09
6th Allowance - 5f - dirt

ASRA Alice Blue Thoroughbred Race 03.15.09
4th Ribot Maiden - 2 y/o fillies - 5f - dirt

Serendipity Stable's Starbucks Race Meet 02.11.09
1st Maiden - 6f - 2y/o+ - dirt [$30,000]

SAI's Partner In Crime Race 02.11.09
2nd Maiden - 5f - turf [$25,000]

Binc. New Years Race 01.25.09
2nd Maiden 6f

WF Stroud Race Day 01.21.09
3rd Maiden 6f on dirt for Juveniles

GS Buffy N Angel Maiden Race 01.11.09
4th Maiden 7f dirt [$20,000]

Show Record:

ASTA Redone Halter Show 07.13.10
TT Futurity Fillies

SAI's $100,000 Prospect Challenge XXXVIII 03.15.09
3rd Halter Prospect
3rd Showmanship Prospect
2nd Dressage Prospect

Binc. Dutch Prospect Show 01.12.09
2nd Dressage Prospect
4th Show Jumping Prospect
5th Eventing Prospect
1st Flat Racing Prospect
1st Barrel Racing Prospect
3rd Hunter Prospect

WF Carol of the Bells Horse Trials 01.12.09
5th Eventing Prospect Fillies

SAI's Home For The Holidays Race 01.04.09
2nd Race Prospect [$25,000]

SAI's Come Home Soon Thoroughbred Halter Show 10.25.08
5th Fillies at Halter
1st Yearlings at Halter
6th Chestnut/Sorrel at Halter
2nd 16.1 - 17hh halter
2nd Get of Sire with RTW Trick Or Sweets
4th Produce of Dam with RTW Trick Or Sweets

SAI's $100,000 Prospect Challenge XXVIII 09.29.08
4th Hunter Under Saddle Prospect
6th Hunter Over Fences Prospect

SAI's $100,000 Prospect Challenge XXVI 08.22.08
5th Halter Prospect
RCh Showmanship Prospect [$30,000]
6th Show Jumping Prospect
3rd Hunter Over Fences Prospect
RCh Cross Country Prospect [$30,000]
1st Eventing Prospect [$20,000]

SAI's Open Daily Three Day Event 06.03.08
6th Eventing Prospect

Show Earnings: $105,000

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