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Running Freely Crown Royal

1996 Black Overo Thoroughbred/Percheron Stallion, 17hh
Origin: RFR Homebred / Reclaimed July 2010
Disciplines: Eventing; Prix St. George Dressage


'12: Velvet Royal RFS, black overo filly o/o IHF Velvet Labrynth [TB] (The Labrynth x Velvet Goldmine) owned by Caughey, Inc.
'04: Running Freely Sambuca, chestnut overo colt o/o CSI Princess Moon [JC] (Running Freely Madori Moon x Dowager Princess) owned by Pia of Maribo Stables.
'03: Double Martini, black tobiano colt o/o Double Standards [JC] (High Hopes x Gambler) owned by Running Freely Ranch.
'00: Running Freely Broadway, bay overo filly o/o Running Freely Park Avenue [Qh/Shire] (HoF Banksia's Park Theadore x Chocolate Kiss) owned by Running Freely Ranch.
'??: Running Freely Black Velvet, black tobiano filly o/o Beautiful Belle [Belgian/Qh/Tb] whereabouts unknown
'02: Running Freely Irish Whiskey, grey sabino filly o/o Patty's Day [JC] (The Good Life x Robin T) owned by Caballo Equestrian Facility.
'??: RF Richard Geere, chestnut tobiano colt o/o Pretty Woman [Westphalian] (Pilot x Delta) whereabouts unknown.
'??: Running Freely Southern Comfort, bay tobiano colt o/o Southern Princess [Thorcheron] whereabouts unknown.

Sato [JC & APHA] Puchiligui [JC & APHA] Native Royalty [JC]
Carolinaway [JC]
Springtime Girl [JC] Milkie [JC]
Bama Bell [JC]
Kahlua Lakeshore Lorenzo [Percheron] Kingsbury's E'Spirit De Tom [Perch]
Lakeshore Jesse [Perch]
Sneak A Drinnk [JC] Secretariat [JC]
Drives Me To Drink [JC]

Show Record:

Total ASDA Points: 40 pts
Total ASWA Points: 12 pts
Total SSHA Points: 16 pts
Total ASEA Points: 40 pts

ASEA Great Vista Horse Trials 06.06.12
1st Advanced Level Eventing

ASEA Surefire H.T. 06.06.12
2nd Advanced Level Eventing

ASEA Carriage House Farm Combined Test 06.06.12
10th Advanced Level Eventing

ASEA Apsen Farms H.T. 06.06.12
8th Advanced Level Eventing

ASEA South Farm H.T. 06.06.12
10th Advanced Level Eventing

ASEA Round Top H.T. 06.06.12
9th Advanced Level Eventing

ASEA Golden Spike H.T. 06.06.12
8th Advanced Level Eventing

SSHA Spring Festival Show 06.03.12
TT Prix St. George Dressage

SSHA Spring Classic II 06.03.12
GCh Prix St. George
TT Freestyle Dressage Senior

ASWA Canadian Qualifier 07.11.11
TT Show Jumping 3' - 3'3"

ASWA Kazakhstan International 07.11.11
TT Show Jumping 3' - 3'3"
TT Novice Level Eventing

ASWA New Mexico State 07.11.11
TT Second Level Dressage

ASDA February Week IV 02.28.11
1st Prix St. George

ASDA February Week III 02.28.11
1st Prix St. George

ASDA Feb Week II 02.28.11
1st Prix St. George

ASDA Feb Week I 02.28.11
1st Prix St. George

Serendipity Farms, Inc.'s Spirit of Show Jumpers Show
6th $10,000 Jumper Classic 2'3" - 2'9" Open/11

POSB The First Noel Eventing Show
3rd Novice Eventing [$7,000]

Royalty Stables An Evening of Eventing 3 Day Event Trial
3rd Novice Eventing/3

HE's Stars & Stripes Jumping Show
6th $10,000 Jumping 2'9" - 3' Class 2

HE's For The Love of Dressage Show
2nd Preparatory Dressage Class 1
4th Preparatory Dressage Freestyle Class 2

Red Raven's Eager Beaver Hunter/Jumper Show
4th Baby Green Jumper 2' - 2'3"

RFR's I Missed The Cherry Blossom Parade Hunter Show
2nd Baby Green Hunter 2'/2

RFR's Had Fun At Hershey Park Jumper Show
4th Green Jumping 2' - 2'6"/5

Kinsale's Green Hunter Show I
6th Baby Green Hunters 2'3"

Mango Inc's Mango Moon Eventing Show
5th Introductory Level Eventing

BW's Buenos Aires Jumper Show II
4th Green Jumper 2' - 2'3" Power & Speed/20

CC's Crisp Country Air Dressage Meet
5th Introductory Dressage

RFR's Gilligan's Island Endurance Race
3rd 10 Mile Training Endurance Race/4 [$25]

Aiaryen Eventing Trials @ Tanyea
3rd Introductory Eventing

Kaliska's In A Frenzy Cross Country Event
Grand Champion Introductory Cross Country

DD's November Dressage Show
Reserve Champion Introductory Level Dressage

DeeAnne's Favourite Son Eventing Show
5th Novice Eventing

RFR's Fear Factor Dressage Show
3rd Introductory Level Dressage

Foxglove Hill Farm's One Big Headache Jumper Meet
3rd 2'0"

HA's Presidential Elections Hunter/Jumper Show
1st Weanling Hunter Confirmation/7

HA's Sunday Night Football Game (Go Browns!) Youngster Show II
5th Dressage Suitability/24

HA's No School Youngster Show
1st 4 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle/15

RR's Classic Draft Halter Show
5th Cross Breed Halter/6

SS's Fall Jumper Trials
1st 2'0" Round I/5
1st 2'0" Round II/5
1st 2'0" Round III/5
Grand Champion 2'0" Division

Harris Show Jumping Derby 2006
8th Modified Jumpers 3'6" - 3'9" Round II

The Crossroads Jumper Show � December 21st, 2006
4th Show Jumping 4'9" - 5'

Unknown Danish Showjumping Show
4th LA(3rd level)

O Zone Jumping Classic
9th Course Jumping (Intermediate Fences 2'0" - 3'0")
3rd Free Style Jumping (Intermediate Fences 2'0" - 3'0")
9th Jump Off (Stallions 5 and up yrs. old)

Little Wing Show Jumping 2007
1st Open Schooling Jumpers 3'6"
3rd Junior/Amateur Jumpers 3'6"
4th Junior/Amateur Jumpers 3'6" Round II

SAI's High Quality Dressage Show
2nd Third Level Dressage

SAI's I Saw Santa Claus Dressage Show
GCh Third Level

SAI's Classical Music Dressage Show
4th 4th Level

Marshlands Eventing Series I 2007
9th Training

Winter Sunset Eventing Show February 7th, 2007
4th Intermediate

Sierra Horse Trials
1st Intermediate

SMO Spring Hunter Classic
3rd First Year Green Hunter-Over Fences I
4th First Year Green Hunter-Over Fences II
3rd First Year Green Hunter-Under Saddle
6th First Year Green Conformation Hunter-Over Fences I
7th First Year Green Conformation Hunter-Over Fences II
6th First Year Green Conformation Hunter-Under Saddle
3rd First Year Green Conformation Hunter-Model

GS Roller Coaster Jumping Show
2nd Intermediate 3'9-4'3

Gold Stone Stallion Showcase II
3rd 9yrs

HA's School's Starting Again Just For Hunters Show
4th Hunter In Hand, Father/Child w/ Running Freely Broadway/15

Windblown Show Board's Birthday Halter Show
5th Cross Breed Halter
7th Tobiano/Tovero/Overo Halter

SRI Beta Halter Show
1st Warmblood

SCI Spring Evening Halter Show
5th Weanling Halter

Save The Last Dance Suitability Show
5th Dressage Suitability