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RFR Rugged N Regal

2012 black overo paint colt, wmt: 16hh
Origin: RFR Homebred
Prospect for: In hand; pleasure

Show Record:

ASSHA Points:0
PHA Points:0

none currently

RFR Boldly Naive Sato (tb) Puchilingui (tb)
Springtime Girl (tb)
RFR Anitas Bold Leaguer (aqha) A Major Leaguer (aqha)
Stellas J Tee (aqha)
DH Stanley Skylark (aqha) RFR Stanley Cup (aqha) RFR Of The Ice (aqha)
Double The Rugged (aqha)
TR Red Sky (tb) Sky Dive (tb)
Royal Dream (tb)

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