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RTW Born To Streak

2009 Sorrel AQHA Colt, wmt: 15.2hh
Origin: RFR Homebred / Bred from Lux Stud Stock / No buybacks / URL to Netta if sold.
Registries: SSHRA, ASSHA, ASRA
Current discipline: GIII Racer
Prospect for: Western Events
INJC # 2142

SJ No Longer New SJ Born To Fly SJ Born To Win The Gold
Fly Win
RFR No Longer Lady RFR No Longer Dusty
RFR AM Major League Lady
Streakin Angels Streakin La Jolla Streakin Six
Bottoms Up
Band Of Angels Alamitos Bar
Sugarette Bars

Total ASSHA Points: 22 points
Total ASQHR Points & Earnings: 50 Points & $5,000

Race Record: 04-03-01-00
Race Earnings: $101,500

ASSHA Super Eight Race 04.02.11
1st Dash For Cash Maiden - 220 yards - dirt [$30,000]

ASSHA Region III Race Experience 04.02.11
2nd Dash For Cash Maiden - 220 yards - dirt [$10,000]

ASSHA Portland Meadows Derby 04.02.11
1st Dash For Cash Maiden - 220 yards - dirt [$30,000]

Avro Park Stock Grant 02.03.11
1st Avro Park Stock Horse Sweeps: Maiden - 220 yards [$31,500]

Show Record:

ASQHR Dodge Laerabye Event 01.24.11
1st Futurity Colt at Halter
2nd Open Futurity at Halter
1st Limited Futurity at Halter
2nd Futurity Lunge Line Western Horse
3rd Futurity Showmanship

ASSHA Autumn Race Classic 10.04.10
1st Race Prospect [10 pts]

ASSHA Region IX Race Experience 10.04.10
5th Race Prospect [2 pts]
Total ASSHA Points: 12 points

ASRA Philippine Sea Prospect Show 07.21.10
6th Stock Horse Prospect [5 pts]

SAI's $100,000 Prospect Challenge 64 07.21.10
GCh Reining Prospect [$50,000]
1st Cutting Prospect [$20,000]
RCh Roping Prospect [$30,000]
RCh Barrel Racing Prospect [$30,000]
RCh Pole Bending Prospect [$30,000]
RCh Racing Prospect [$30,000]

ASSHA Eastern Stock Horse Race Classic 07.21.10
3rd Race Prospect [2 pts]
Total ASSHA Points: 10 points

ASSHA Region VII Race Experience 07.21.10
2nd Race Prospect [2 pts]
Total ASSHA Points: 8 points

SAI's Gibson Desert Cutting 07.08.10
3rd Cutting Prospect Colts

ASSHA Champagne Circuit 07.08.10
TT Yearling Colts [2 pts]
Total ASSHA Points: 6 points

SAI's Liberia Western Pleasure Show 05.08.10
GCh Western Pleasure Prospect Colts

ASRA Holding Prospect Show 02.19.10
4th Stock Horse Prospects [5 pts]

SAI's Skiing Prospect Show 01.08.10
5th Reining Prospect
GCh Calf Roping Prospect
6th Breakaway Roping Prospect
4th Working Cow Prospect
1st Pole Bending Prospect

ASSHA West Texas Derby 05.17.09
4th Race Prospect [2 pts]
Total ASSHA Points: 4 points

GS Big Dipper Prospect Show 04.11.09
3rd Flat Racing Prospect

ASSHA Canadian Nationals 04.04.09
1st Weanling Colts at Halter [2 pts]
Total ASSHA Points: 2 points

SSHRA Dash For Cash Race Meet 04.08.09
1st Race Prospect, Weanling [$500 & 3 pts]
Total SSHRA Earnings & Points: $500 & 3 points

SAI's Eclipse Reining Show 01.28.09
2nd Reining Prospect Colts

SAI's New Years Resolution Lunge Line Show 01.28.09
3rd Weanling Lunge Line Western Horse

WF Portsmouth Youngstock Classic 01.25.09
1st Weanling at Halter
1st Speed Events Prospect
2nd Mare & Produce Halter with Streakin Angels
6th Lunge Line

Show Earnings: $190,000

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