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Britney Spears Britney stuff Audio clips TalkSport clips and other stuff #creatures stats #creatures & #tommyboyd picture gallery LINKS Unofficial Whale The VERY Unofficial James Whale Website. Cutooth A new band, check em out and give 'em a listen. The Wow A new up-and-coming band called The Wow. Animutation Central Crazy, hilarious animations like "Hatten ar din" and "Hyakugojyuuichi". Automata music Automata were an 80's software company. Here are the songs they put on side 2 of the tapes. Vintage broadcasting Some interesting clips including Nick Abbot and Chris Morris on GLR. Complex bullshit This is a strange site. Take a look. Marshmallow Fluff Dig the groovy music! Scalextric Online Scalextric! Human Zoo links are in the Human Zoo section. I know this site looks very basic, but it serves it's purpose to provide audio to the masses. If you want clowns and jugglers I suggest you visit a circus. To download right click the filename and select "save target as". The files are zipped. To unzip them you need Winzip. If you have problems downloading then get Getright.