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Logo.sys Replacements

Using a little program called LogoMania* (sadly, no longer freeware), I have constructed a number of files that can be used to replace the tiresome old Windows cloud logo with the pulsing bar that appears when you start up Windows 95 and 98. Simply download the zip files of the logos you want (logo.sys files are essentially just bitmaps, so they take up too much space to be left unzipped), unzip them somewhere convenient and then copy one into the C drive root directory of your computer and rename it "logo.sys". It will make life easier if you rename the original Windows file "logo.old" or something similar before you do this. In order to change the logo, simply repeat the process with another one. Alternatively, use an installation program. Feel free to change the "Please wait while your computer shuts down" and "It is now safe to turn off your computer" files, called respectively "logow.sys" and "logos.sys", yourself. They can be replaced with any 320 by 400 pixel bitmap in 256 colour format and are usually stored in the Windows directory if they are not in C. Under absolutely no account screw around with any other ".sys" files. This will cause your computer to cease to function, but I'm sure you knew that.

*Other excellent logo utilities can be found at the XrX website here including a program that lets you view your logos without having to reset your screen settings to 256 colour, while easily correcting errors in the animation palette, and another that allows you to display logos as a screen saver. If you don't like the colours I've chosen for the cycling part of the image, you can change them with XrX to anything you please.

Here's a tip on using Logomania you won't find in the Help file: Windows places a border around the displayed start-up logo that is the same colour as the first palette position for the logo.sys file. Often this is some ugly colour that just happens to hold this position in the palette in the final graphic. The easiest way to ensure that this is a colour that works (which is to say, not very easy at all) is to change the first palette position for the "foreground" part of the logo image to the colour you want, prior to merging the foreground and background files in Logomania. How you do that without botching the image itself is up to you. With a totally animated image, you can change the colour manually in Logomania - just remember that this colour will animate along with the rest, so you'd better be sure it blends in.
Note also that the LogoMania program generates backgrounds in 2:3 proportion rather than the 4:5 proportions of the logo files. That is, circular backgrounds generated in LogoMania are actually oval when run as a start-up screen. Unless you want the final start-up screen to appear slightly distorted in the vertical (like some of my early ones are), always ensure that the graphic you shrink to 320 by 400 pixels is originally in the 4:3 proportions of the screen. You generally get better results shrinking the width and height as separate operations. All but a few of my early logos with this distortion problem have now been fixed.

Planet Mainstream
2001 - Starchild 2001 - Exit 2001 - HAL 9000 2001 - Death of HAL
Apollo 11 The Beatles James Bond Earth
The Godfather Hair Jimi Hendrix The Lord of the Rings
The Matrix The Matrix (2) Monty Python Platoon
Poltergeist Frank Sinatra Some 70s Flick Traffic

Abstract I Abstract II Abstract III Bars
Echo Lyapunov Mondria Ovoids
Quadrant Ripples Sphere Selection I Sphere Selection II

The Mr Hell Show Aeon Flux I Aeon Flux I Angry Beavers
Ant and Anteater Astroboy Cornfed Pig Daffy Duck
Daria Dr Katz Duckman Duckman et al

Alfred E. Neuman Akira Bug-eyed Earl Ceberus (as Spawn)
Crazed Bomber Friendly Dictators Jabberwocky (Tenniel) Killer Eagle
Leunig Sparky the Penguin Spiderman Watchmen

Alien Apocalypse Now Barton Fink Blade Runner
Blow-Up Brazil A Clockwork Orange Delicatessen
Dr Strangelove Full Metal Jacket The Killer Metropolis
Reservoir Dogs Trust War of the Worlds Zentropa

Recent Movies
Almost Famous The Big Lebowski The Big Lebowski (2) Bodyguard from Beijing
Dark City Ed Wood Elizabeth Go
Hardboiled Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels Memento Microcosmos
Pulp Fiction Three Kings Trainspotting Twelve Monkeys

Borobudur Casa Battlo Chrysler Building Colosseum
Detroit Dunes Great Wall of China Khafre Pyramid
Mount Rushmore Neon Streetscene Parthenon Peaks
Red Square Seattle Sagrada Familia Stonehenge
Sydney Taj Mahal Toltec Ruins Undersea

Cat's Eye Nebula Earth (Mosaic) Eta Carinae Europa
Mars Moonscape Sombrero Galaxy Terra

Ancient of Days Bacon's Pope Battle of Angels Bosch's Hell
Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe Da Vinci's Proportions David's Napoleon Durer's Apocalypse
Durer's Hare De Chirico's Dream Ernst's Napoleon Escher Ascending
Hokusai's Wave Johns' Flag Klee's Fish Lichtenstein Whaam!
Magritte's Rain Marc's Yellow Cow Munch's Scream Rousseau's Gypsy

Che Guevara CIA Web Logo December 7 Get Hot
G.I. Fractal He's Watching You Lenin Lindsay WW1 Poster
Ride With Hitler St George The New Man Uncle Sam
Waste Helps the Enemy We Can Do It You Never Know You Never Know Grid
Four Logos Based on Posters of the Viet Nam War Era

Bat Bee Eagle Manta Ray
Orca Owl Rockcrab Red Fox
Sharks Sloths Snake Stingrays
Toucan Treefrog Wasp Wolf

Charles Babbage Burroughs Fractal Clive Barker Lenny Bruce
Umberto Eco Elvis & Nixon William Gibson Bill Hicks Flag
Bill Hicks Fractal Chris Knox Benoit Mandelbrot Spike Milligan
Kim Newman Nirvana Not Only... But Also... Rudy Rucker
Neal Stephenson Bruce Sterling Talking Heads They Might Be Giants

Atomic Bomb Buddhas Chess Circuit Board
Cthulhu Difference Engine Dr Camel End of the World...
Flower Flower (2) Greenbacks Gumballs
Neuromancer The Pixies (Spike) Reagan Shirt Ad Rose
Rose (2) Sick World Skull Volcano

Feather Lambda Snail Spiracle
Adze Aracnopi Curlicue Curly
Deep Deep2 Filigris Fraclace
Gems Gems2 Galaxy Geom
Groove Julia Magnet Naut
Platter Qweras Spiky Splendid
Spyder Syrth Tendril Tetra
Tubing Tuvalu Zutalors Zymbala
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