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Stained Glass in the Cathedral

The three windows of the American Memorial Chapel were designed by master glass mason Brian Thomas, and made by the Whitefriars Studios. They represent the Service, Sacrifice and Resurrection of the Christian soldier in terms of scenes from the life of Christ.
Their borders contain the insignia of the American states and the US Army Air Force and Navy. These in turn have a border of their own, consisting of palm leaves in the central window and in the two side windows, of American grain, fruit, flowers and birds. The Windows Measure 7m or 22 feet high.

The theme of the north-east window is Service. At the bottom is the scene of the Nativity. In the center Christ is shown washing his disciples' feet as a symbol of the routine fatiques of service. Above this he is shown at the cleansing of the Temple where the Lord is shown that in his awareness that it is sometimes necessary to use force. The text at the foot of the window reads: "For I came down from Heaven not to Mine own will but the will of Him that sent me."
The south-east window carries the message of Resurrection. At its base is the grief and despair of the Descent from the Cross. This leads to the open and empty tomb and a peacock, the symbol of immortality. The top scene depicts Chrisat's Ascension into Heaven and life everlasting. Despair is replaced by hope and the final message: He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.


The central window has the theme of Sacrifice, and is dominated by an image of the Crucifixion. At the foot of the cross is the Virgin Mary pierced by the sword of grief. Below also is the pelican, sacrificing its own flesh and blood to provide for the life of the future. Beneath is a communion table and within that, an Ark on a stormy sea: the Cathedral and this whole island riding the storms of war. At the foot of window, with the Instruments of the Passion, are the words: Now is the Son of Man Glorified."


The first letter indicates the window. The second letter and the number indicate the position within that window (numbering from the top). L=Left; C=Center; R=Right.

The State badge showsn is of Washington DC fromt he North-East window in the Memorial Chapel.