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My Lovely Garden

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A Warm Welcome To All Visitors!

September 4, 2003
Please note that I have purchased my domain for
My Lovely Garden.
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We are glad you stopped by.  

This may be quite a different 

experience for you as most of 

my poems deal with a

difficult subject:


Not just one, not two, but three

suicides in my family.

My Mother in March 1972,

my sister in March 1999,

and my brother in July 2000.

I am finally getting back to be 

myself again.  It has been a 

long and very painful journey.

A lot of poems are me dealing

with the loss of my mom at 14.

Finally, after 31 painful years,

I was able to light a candle on

her death anniversary 2003, 

and let her go.  

I had been carrying her

all this time.  Finally, for once

I feel peace in my heart.

I have one sister remaining.

She is my youngest sister

and we are both enduring

our own paths to Recovery.

I wrote a special poem for 

her, you can see it by clicking

on "A Poem For My Sister"

on the sitemap.

I will also be putting up pages

with links on what to do if you

are considering suicide.  There

is a better way to handle stress

and problems.  If you are one of

those contemplating suicide, I beg

of you to email me and I'll get a

list of links for you.  

If you do suicide, you will

leave permanent scars on those

who love you.  We have to

live with it every day for the

rest of our lives.  


We just get used to it.

I also suffer from Fibromyalgia.

There is a link to click on below 

to find more information on it.

Thanks to
Ice Dream for that!

So now, begin your journey

through My Lovely Garden.

I look forward to reading your

Guest Book entries and any

comments or suggestions you

may have.

Thanks again for visiting!



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Midi 'Flower-Heart' is used with permission.
Copyright Geoff Anderson
Copyright 2002 Geoff Anderson

Are you a Fibromyalgia Sufferer? I am.
Click on the LINK if you are.
It will take you to an info site at

Ice Dreams Picture Palace.
Thank you Ice Dream!

August, 2003

My New Site Is Up And Running;

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