we are what we hold onto!

some of it was really hard to deal with!

fair enough.....

so here's what I found that helped!


My views are based upon a compassionate, reasoned and well-founded view of reality. Violence hurts. Therefore it should stop.

Especially because at the moment, it is the children, their mothers and siblings, who are being bombed, shot at, murdered, maimed, wounded and truamatised the most in many places on our planet.

This barbarity is sanitised, by media and politicians by calling it "collatoral damage", 'pre-emptive strikes", "searching for terrorists" in the "war against terroism". All lies.

And, uglier than words can describe, people are making a monetary profit out of all this violence - Lockheed Martin, British Aerospace, Bechtal, Dow Chemicals, Halliburton, Land-Rover, Hummer, the list is endless. All those profits and all that blood. It is not right, and there is no excuse for it.

And it happens because we pay taxes to Govenrments, who spend those taxes on war, and 'education' and who behave in this way. We buy the products of Corporations who behave in this way.

Therefore we are responsible. Why do we let them do it? Have we been brain-washed to such an extent that we 'fail' to see the reality?

Simple questions, with answers to be found by inner exploration, honesty and communication with other human beings, and by recognising our mutuality as a community of diverse beings sharing the responsibility of living together.

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