May the spirit of your season nurture your growth as a natural and healthy human being wherever you are..

the aim in all good conversation, in communication with heart, is that there can neither be victor nor vanquished, only well informed, enlightened and reassured people. Sharing information.

it is my intention to contribute to an intelligent, compassionate discussion, to encourage the heart/brain intelligence.

thus I am set upon learning to respond with that intelligence, through action, taking such actions as will reassure me and reassure all of us that our children are truely chersihed and cared for; that none are left out in the cold, that none are the victims of war, poverty, or of environmental devastation brought on by the actions of adult mankind, and that any and all activity that impinges upon their present or future health and well-being is now carefully questioned and suitably adjusted so as to eliminate those negative consequences.

I understand what has been done

where do we go from here?


an exercise in logic

a. fact : there are adults on Earth.

b. fact : there are children on Earth.

c. fact : there are things adults do, directly or indirectly, that have a negative or abusive impact upon the welfare of children in the present and in the future.

d. it follows that, as responsible adults, we would immediately cease those behaviours/activities that directly or indirectly have a negative or asbusive impact upon the welfare of children in the present and in the future.

e. having stopped the damaging behaviour/activity......we are in a much better position to discuss how we take it form there,

f. discussing the issue prior to cessation only allows the abuse to continue. that cannot happen.



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