this letter went out to all the main newspapers in the uK, and was sent out to all my email lists and out on myspace 11/01/07


I have been waiting some time now for an honest appraisal, in our national media, of events in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. I am not alone. There are many, many people who in this country have been waiting for such an appraisal.

The reason for this expectancy is that I for one cannot understand why anyone would want to justify the unmitigated slaughter of civilians, men, women and children (30% of fatalities in Iraq are children under the age of 15! The figures are higher in places like the Congo.) which is currently underway in these ill-fated countries, a horror that has been sponsored and initiated by the Government of the United States of America, and underwritten by our Government (as their 'allies') and by the solemn commitment of our fine men and women who have enlisted in the Armed Forces of our Nation, men and women who offer their lives to serve us, The People.

It must be remembered that in a Democracy the Government of the day represents The People, and that though the Government has by Acts of Parliament the legal authority to issue orders to our Armed Forces, those Armed Forces Personel serve The People and not the Government, for it is with The Nation, The People, that their solemn contract is, and it is from the Nation that those service personel are draw; Governments act only as intermediaries in that sacred Contract. Governments change, the contract does not.

The dishonesty of Blair, Bush, Powell, Rice, Straw, Hoon, Hain and others surrounding the initial and continued justifications of these wars is now well-known, well documented and a matter of historical record, though rarely reffered to in detail the mainstream press such as your paper.

That dishonesty is made more base given the that it is our taxes which pay for all this, including taxes that will have to be paid for in the future, insofar that our taxes are the collatoral for all Government loans. Taxes that would be better spent upon education, state benefits, pensions, healthcare and used for investment in developing sustainable energy, agriculture and transport.

I am, personally speaking, appalled at the unwillingness of your newspapers editorial staff to report the truth of these matters, to inform your readers of the facts. I am deeply shocked and disgusted at the biased way in which the recent deaths of Presidents and Leaders who have committed vast resources to warfare, terror and murder have been reported.

For example, on the one hand Gerald Ford was lauded (even though he sanctioned the invasion of East Timor, by Indonesia, an act of international aggression, and supplied the invaders with weapons, intelligence and cash whilst they murdered hundreds of thousands of East Timorese - one of many such acts supported by the US Government) whilst on the other hand Saddam was (rightly so) vipiturated. Both men deserve equal condemnation. Ask the victims of Saddams and Gerald Fords policy decisions! The coverage of General Pinochets life, after his death, ommitted in much the same way the truth of his relationship with the US and UK Governments and the truth of his murderous campaigns.

By all the Gods of all the Religions, how can this be? What kind of man or woman would do such things, would write such things and cover up or disguise the truth?

Am I to wait in vain for honesty, compassion, empathy and factual reportage in your editorial? Please, I beg of you to fulfill your mandate, the mandate implied by your privileged position, by your vaunted claims to tell the truth - you must now host honest, thoughfull and accurate reportage!

For if we do not somehow cease these wars, these politically and commercially motivated aggressions, we will surely plunge many, many millions more into a living hell, and bequeath Armageddon without End to our children and to their children, and beyond. You have an important role to play. Tell the truth!


Corneilius Crowley


my letter to the editors and writers who reported and commented on james lovelocks 2004 espousal of nuclear energy


Your newspaper recently published an article, written by James Lovelock, that seems to suggest that we are beyond the point of no return, with regard to the question of the changes occurring in the earths biosphere as a result of our behaviour. A depressing thought.

Given that there are a minimum 30,000,000 vehicles in the UK, and that your organisation, amongst many others, it must be said, generates substantial income from the advertising revenue you collect from auto manufacturers and hydrocarbon fuel suppliers, do you not realise how your activities have been, and continue to make this situation worse? Are you willing to admit that?

Or is it a case of denial, as seen in many kinds of psychological dysfunction, until such time as you(we) are forced, through tragic circumstance to see the consequences of your(our) behaviour? The tragedy is twofold, in that a) what damage is done, cannot be undone and b) you(we) seem unwilling to face up to the fact that your(our) behaviour is the issue. You(we) are not willing to break the cycle.

It is a fact, though from reading your paper, and others, one might assume otherwise, that all human dysfunction arises from one unassailable factor, and that is the adverse conditioning of children by adults, who themselves are mostly unaware of their own adverse conditioning, in such a way that the childs knowing of themselves as innately joyous and loving beings, in an innately functioning environment is destroyed. The picture, painted by various forms of mass media, by religions and ideologies of people as selfish, competitive and insecure, posing as creative art, is what you feed us daily. That is what our children become, if we hand them over to your ministrations. And sadly, many of us do,

No, it does not surprise me that you do what you do, and seek to justify it. That is the way of the dysfunctional. It does however stir a great anger, for you have been informed by those who know, by people like Alice Miller, Carl Rogers, Monbiot, Chomsky to name a few, and by many, many others who have communicated with you and with the various departments of government, local and national, who ought to be looking after our interests, and the interests of our children, on our behalf, (for that is after all your stated role, to communicate on our behalf, and for government to collect resources - taxes - then to and to use them on our behalf) down through the years. And you, amongst many, many others, have steadfastly ignored them. The result? A world of horror upon horror. A world where nuclear power, civil or military is the only option. A point of no return, indeed.

So be it. Unless of course it does not have to be that way. And it doesn't, does it?

I ask you, I plead with you, as a rational, loving human being, one who does not seek to judge or condemn you, to recognise your(our) condition, and to take steps forthwith, to become a leader if you will, in the process to remedy it, especially as there exists the means, and in most peoples hearts and soul, profoundest desire and thus, the energy to change completely the way we behave, the way we live. Not for our sakes, but for the sake of all the children and their children, and beyond and for all life.

Kindest Regards

Corneilius D. Crowley

my letter to the editors and writers who reported on the "War on Drugs" in 2004


It is a fact, though from reading 'The Media', in all it's guises, one might assume otherwise, that all human dysfunction arises from one unassailable factor, and that is the adverse conditioning of children by adults, who themselves are mostly unaware of their own adverse conditioning, in such a way that the childs knowing of themselves as innately joyous and loving beings, in an innately functioning environment is destroyed. And in order to cope with the situation, to survive the child forgets.

That is the core problem, not the drugs .... for whatever the addiction is, and there are many, unless that core issue is recognised and healed, (which only the person who is addicted can do, facillitated by others who know by experience, as opposed to the 'assistance' of those who practice theories learned in institutions) the best that can happen is to instigate a 'coping mechanism', which invariably is an external process, and that still leaves those in need of help with less than the whole of one's vitality, humanity or soul for life. Like a tree without leaves, barren, yet still a tree, waiting for the spring that will never come.

The reason that this is not being addressed is because our 'culture' is in every way dependent upon the process of coercing children into being who they are not, into a denial of their very being.

The inner well of pain, confusion and fear is deep, and those that control would like to keep the lid on that well, whilst we who wish to heal must draw from that well and empty it, so that the clear waters of life may yet again flow up from the deeper groundwaters, to nourish, to cleanse, to slake the thirst of lifes' longing for itself.

The Media, Charles Clarke and people of that ilk are at best ill-informed idiots, submerged in their own ideological addictions, at worst plain evil - in the sense of being opposite to 'live'. There is no devil, no dark force in the universe, no wild ID that will spiral into a destructive orgy of self gratification, given half the chance, there is only human behaviour .... it is in our hands, should we take it on, to resolve our behaviour.

Kindest Regards

Corneilius D. Crowley

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