Autumn 2006

wiki John Reid. UK Home Secretary (scotttish anti-scot)

Sounds innocent enough, here John, take few notes down, like a good boy, "spread fear and mistrust'..... John goes "Sure, Tony.... no problem" .... and then he goes and says that all muslim parents ought to be watching out for signs of radicalism in their children.

Wow! What a jerk! I don't need to explain that one, do I?

Who's idea was that then? We should be told.

Was it the same person in the home office who suggested using prison labour for the groundwork on the "Olympics Building and Profitmaking Project 2012"?

Probably.... (solves a number of problems, cheap labour, tags on the 'workers' would free up prison space for MORE convited protestors, dope smokers and old age pensioners who refuse to pay their taxes, naughty little imps! Oh! and hopefully hard labour for nowt will turn out to be really rehabilitating...) read article here

Oh yes, the hammer is beginning to fall, in the hand of the New Reich Labour Party and it's corporate cronies, who are desperately pushing their agenda by claiming propaganda as truth and truth as conspiracy theory, just as George Bush did yesterday at the UN.

And the rest of the lilly livered timid politicians are pretty much silent. All the while those who have offered dialogue have been brushed aside as irrrelevant if they are not willing to play ball US/UK stylee...... and all of this has nothing to do with REAL PEOPLE on the streets in all our countries, our cities, our towns, our villages and in our fields......... it is not what we would chose to do, it is what people in power, through media propaganda, and legislative sleight of hand, are choosing to do that creates these conflicts, the popular US designed reflexive "occupation and resistance" model - sustainable war......

Oh by the way, on the front cover of the Sunday Times, 17th September 2006 and an interesting article on making eco-weapons. Making military hardware more environmetally safe and sustainable? Is that not an oxymoron? More biodegradable, better rcycling, use bio-fuels, less lead or other toxic metals in bullets and shells...... these people take this seriously!? We had better, for their plans are monstrous indeed, and it will be our children who will pay the price. read article here

If we can get feather bullets that just tickle you and giggle missiles that cause everyone in the range of the 'blast' to get serious fit of the giggles, tanks than are made of soft sponge so that being "crushed" by one is more akin to a gentle roll with a giant teddy bear, I'd go along with it, wouldn't you?

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