simply put. the universe works, and works impeccably
earth is part of universe. universe works! earth works! earth nature is part of earth. human beings are part of earth. as are elephants. mice. whales. squid. pigs. condors. tigers. and so on, not forgetting ants, spiders, flies, phytoplankton, mushrooms and bacteria. nature works....

food! we are what we eat

natural food works. look at the healthy animals, forests, plains, rivers, oceans, valleys. look! look at the healthy vitality observable in indgenous children.look!

some kinds of food work just about, some of the time, we hope...

the food that does not work is heavily processed and systhesised foods made by humans and machines instead of by nature. and eaten by humans and some of their slavefood animals. which are then eaten by humans. all of whom seem to experience lots of disease. heart attacks. inflammatory diseases. obesity. malnutrition. alzheimers. parkinsons. something doesn't work! anti-biotics, medicines, drugs yet no real lasting cures!

what about prevention?

self esteem is a term to describe how one regards oneself, feels about oneself.....if it is damaged then the person experiences damaging thoughts.....our immune system is like our self-esteem.....give it the wrong stuff!.... hey! presto! surprise, surprise disease follows. the same applies to processed foods and the human body.

see below for more details on food/health basics!

check this video EARTHLINGS about your animal based foods.......quite strong, yet neccessary!


No Dig Gardening

Cuba - Community Food Production

Check this video about Cuba's Organic Food Revolution! An inspiring story, elements of a possible solution.


There's a number of key points underlying food and our bodies.

1. We are of nature , and natures design is perfect. Thus any processed/synthesised foods carry risks, some quite severe, to our biochemistry. (Cornflakes is not food!)

Certainly anything that is not organically produced, ie has traces of pesticide/herbicide/growth hormones etc is best avoided.

Most foods are produced for profit, and the food quality is a secondary aspect of the foods production - thus the more food you grow yourself the better (and it's fun!) bear in mind that the food you put in your body is the single most important thing you do for yourself. Yet people spend more on housing, transport, entertainment, etc than on food!!?? DOH!! Quality is far more important than variety.

2. Some things to avoid or reduce and why

a) wheat - gluten from wheat products sticks to the colon, which has two deleterious effects, the first of which is that the body cannot leach toxins into the soon to be poo.

This cause those toxins to remain in the body, and to circulate around all the major organs, which causes degenerative disease states in early to late 40s..

The second of which is that the output of the friendly bacteria, which live in the colon and which make b12 and other b vitamins and recover trace elements, is not available to the body. I eat rye bread, and not a huge amount of it (1.5 800g loaves a week max)

At some stage it's a good idea to have the colon cleansed, as gently as possible, over a 12 - 18 month time frame....

b) reduce all fats that go hard at room temperature, eliminate all hydrogenated fats completely (they are toxic) - the body requires a lot of fats for neural tissue (the brain is a great big blob of fat), especially Omega3s....

fats that go hard at room temperature are mostly dodgy, and consumption of these leads to harder, less flexible neural tissue. So use Hemp Oil, Flax Oil as additives, and Olive Oil for cooking, salads and as a replacement for butter/marg.. etc.

My fave brekkie is organic porridge, with raisins, left to cool a tad, then add 1 teaspoon hemp oil or flax oil per serving, and some honey - really yummy and the body goes YES! (always pay attention to how the body 'feels' after foods, it's a good guide)

c) Salt as an additive stops cellular detoxification. Cellular Detoxification happens by osmosis, using salts of sodium and potassium, on either side of cell wall, thus adding salt increases the sodium content and halts the osmosis - then the toxins remain in the cell, leading to cell degenaration and disease states. There is plenty salt in most foods, enough for the body to utilise safely.

d) white sugar is a toxin and a carcinogen! eliminate it entirely, watch out for it is used as an additive in many processed foods, use honey as an alternative, or molasses (not so sweet) If ya like chocolate, get Green and Blacks Organic 80% - really good for many things, especially menstruation for women...

3. Non-orgnanic foods are bred, produced and genetically engineered to have very low enzyme content (so they have longer shelf life!) which means that the human body has to produce the enzymes ( the pancreas does this, it is our major chemical factory) which the foods lack, and as a result this puts stress on the pancreas, and leads to a run down in the supply of many hormones and other catalysts the body normally gets from the pancreas. (the average size of the pancreas of the western diet is 5 times that of indigenous/pastoral diet!)

With food it's best to go gently, and to understand that each body is in many ways unique, so paying attention to how one feels is a good guide.

Good books :

Fit for Life by Marylyn and Harvey Diamond - exposes how food production techniques, chemical additives damage the food and us....

Good Movie :

Earthlings on Google video (see above!)

And as to the dangers of household chemicals and toiletries, here's an article that outlines the kinds of hidden dangers to look out for:

Hope that's a start for ya -



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