We are human, born of the womb. We learn by learning. What we are taught is different. What we learn we truely know. What we are taught we can only believe until such time as we can test what we have been taught. Learning is an experience, based on observation, feeling and thinking. We observe. We feel. We think. Following that there's words to describe those elements in the process. Example : I was taught there was god, who was watching me. I did not learn this, I did not observe this. I learned that the universe is completely perfect for hosting life, and in particular here on earth. I observe natures' infinte variety, in the constant nurturing of living beings and ecosystems. That is the test that proves that the knowledge is real.

Indigenous hunter gatherers, our ancestors,and our neighbours (estimated 200,000,000 alive and kicking today) had and have to learn about their world damn fast. There is so much information contained in this world of ours, and in any particular habitat, that it cannot be taught. It is estimated that the 'average' rain forest dweller knows as much as 25 botanists who have been studying plants for 15 years each. That's 375 years of study! All that knowledge is based on observation, guided initially by one who already knows much of what is there, and how to see it.

So why do we go to school? When we are already designed, primed to learn? To be taught. To be filled up with a need for beliefs that we never question. Beliefs that someone, somewhere has designed, to fullfilll an aganda. And the first lessson we learn is authority. Where to sit, what time to turn up for class, listen to the teacher. The second lesson is humiliation. Wrong! You are being naughty! You silly boy/girl! The third is conformity. Right, everybody sit down. Everybody say Hello teacher! and so on. All other lessons are based on these three. All other lessons are a process of being taught what to think, to feel, to see. According to the agenda of the teacher and the system the teacher is part of. Unlearn these 'taught' lessons and we can start to learn again.


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