as chomsky says "to engage in activism is a life-time choice", or it is useless, for it may be reneged upon at any time, when the pressure brought to bear is either too much, or the individuals core reasons for activism are not clear. Either way, those we seek to help, who may depend upon our committment to some extent, will be the real losers.

maybe it is far better to be a happy activist, one who has resolved his or her personal issues and is aware of, and working on any issues she or he might experience, honestly and with diligence. then the anger of the happy person becomes an expression of clarity, an inspired movement to ease the suffering of others.

only when we know what has been done, how it was done and why it was done will we be able to liberate our minds from our 'education'.

'education' is the major weapon of mass destruction, insofar it exists as an institution whose main aim is to manipulate our childrens psychology to the ends that we, the people, become dependent, pavlovian consumer-citizens whose entire world is controlled by hidden interests, those who designed and funded modern 'education', those who are ruthless and cruel, and whose goals are great wealth and ultimately total dominance of our lives. all for our own good, of course!

'public education' is all about telling us what to see and what to ignore. do not follow orders!

"in my humble opinion the greatest hidden crime, a holocaust that spans centuries, is the crime of intentional pschological abuse of children, en masse, in 'schooling' - messing with our minds!"

my activism is that of sharer of knowledge, for i am walking the healing path

i aspire to be a facillitator of growth, for such is the essence of life....

i am a singer of songs, for such is the gift Universe bestowed upon this happy soul.......

http://noidgallery.net/> - Art Activism, A lively mind, strong heart....

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