The olympics are here, the five rings are full
10,000 fit physiques, most of them on the pull
three condoms' a day's the regular issue
the pole vaulters sponsored by makers of tissue

they're sniffing, they're snorting, thy're lining right up
needles and hormones, they've gotta keep it up
medals to win, races to run
we're all mesmerised
watching for the starters gun - BANG! BANG!
Sport on your tv, news on your tv, lies on your tv
Advertising, sell it to the little children

The olympics are here, the building's infinished
London's won the bid, optimism undiminished
Five billion to waste on these remarkable games
Two weeks of fit physiques, tv angles and celebrity names

The olympics are here, so turn on your tv
Which the cridt corporataions know is as big as can be
As you slump on your sofa, take in the great sights
Drink beer and champagne, watching slo-no delights
Young athletes in tights

The olympics are here, they're boring, they're weak
The wholse silly things designed to baffle the sheep
While Iraq burns and the Sudan dies
The heroes get their medals, arms raised to the skies

The olympics are here, read it and weep
There's winners, there's losers, there's millions of sheep
Some time in the future, maybe quite soon
There'll be obses olympics, held on the moon
Sponsored by macdonalds, dupont, boeing, lockheed martin, virgin space holidays and all The needy, greedy muthaphuckas'

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