Let me tell you a story, a four and a half billion year tale
depleted uranium, ain't so easy to dispell
it makes good weapons
the latest bunker busting bomb
used in kosovo, then afghanistan.
Again in Iraq and maybe next is Iran.......

Deformed children, mutants of war
No eyes, no nose,
This babies born, a wound, an open sore

Well you argue about creation, argue about the big bang
Questions of evolution
Your place in gods great plan
The atom bomb is holy
Your gods voice on this earth
Calling you to rapture
And yet can't you see this endles birth of


The people let this happen,
This is so hard to tell
They'd rather watch the television
Sung belief in the lies they sell,
The cowardice of consumers
Causes mothers to cry


That's my story, a a four and a half billion year tale
We're at the beginning, depleted uranium

radiocative weapons fired in middle east

DU Video - Crucial

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