towards a solution - twelve suggestions

1. Redfine profit in terms of environmental, psychological and communal well-being.

2. Cease those activities adults undertake that damage the interests of children and allow the known sustainable technologies access to the human and material resources required to be implemented.

3. Re-align our sytems of 'education' with the reality of the creative child (every child) providing learning and an experiential empowerment on life processes...

4. Permaculture in cities and towns - convert waste into asset. Train people in stewarding land for resources.

5. De-mechanised, localised Bio-dynamic Agriculture, based on happy people planting and stewarding a flourishing environment.


6. Water recyling units, compost units, power units per dwelling, municipal waste recycling, urban compost sytems.

7. Adapt new technologies to current housing stock. Pedestrianise as far as possible, with cycle lanes and trams.

8. Cease air travel. Revert to sail power.

9. Mass transit systems for essentials. Free mass interactive communications, systems, open-sourced.

10. Work in smaller units. Downsize processes to minimise waste pile-up. Self sufficient blocks

11. No further alteration of natural habitats. Re-seeding damaged areas.

12. Bulk of local taxation to be spent locally, under the watchful eye of the community whose money is being spent. Devote far less resources to Central Government.

The meaning of the solution is simple.

back the logic of growing our own food, of tapping into the abundance of natural plant growth, of achieving independence where it really matters, in the community wherein we each of us live

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