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A few clues as to what is really happening.

The UK Government 'Nationalised' Northern Rock, and paid more or less full whack for it.

J P Morgan Chase bought Washington Mutual at 0.06% of it''s value.

Both were done to 'save' these banks.

On the one hand the taxpayers pay full belt, and the directors, CEOs etc get a nice sum for their shares and various handshakes and the companys continues to operate, most jobs protected.

On the other hand a private company gets to pay only a fraction of the value, job losses are huge and CEOS, dierctors get paid off, their share values are reduced.

Who gets the better deal? Are you getting the picture?

What kind of deal will the US taxpayers get for those banks that the US Govt. 'Nationalises'? I bet they will pay full whack, no discount.

This is plainly Shock doctrine in action, right before your very eyes. All really simple, (organised theft of resources) yet made muddy by the media, by Government and by 'think tanks' at the behest of the likes of J P Morgan Chase et al, who employ former PM, Tony Blair, amongst others......

Why is there no discussion of allowing those in homes affected to continue to stay in their homes, to pay a rental to the government or other entity (local councils would be well situated to do this) that buys up their mortgages, until such time as the mess is properly sorted?

Why must the taxpayer forgoe the benefit of a discounted sale of those assetts? Why is there cash for this, and for war yet not for free healthcare and free education at college?


Not many people are aware that under existing UK Law (The International Criminal Court Act 2001 ) and International Law, those being :

i The General Treaty for the Renunciation of War 1928 [The Kellogg-Briand Pact].
ii The United Nations Charter 1945.
iii The Geneva Conventions 1948,
iv The UN Charter 1945,
v The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.
vi The Nuremburg Principles 1950.
vii the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court 1998.
viii Article 25 The Manual of Military Law.

the UK Government is engaged in, and is criminally liable for the illegal wars in iraq and Afghanistan that are wars of aggression, the supreme crime against humanity, under the Nurumberg Principles. The UK Government is also in breach of the Kellog-Briand Pact and the other laws quoted above.

The UK Government has not, and never had, ANY AUTHORITY under the UN Charter to engage in this war.

The UK Government in 1998 ratified The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, and in 2001 enacted The International Criminal Court Act 2001.

This means that all those who were instrumental in planning and issueing the orders that caused the war to happen, and all who enable it to continue, can be tried before the ICC at the Hague as war criminals and can be arrested in the UK so that they may appear before the ICC to answer the charges.

It is the duty of every UK citizen to report this crime to the Police, that they might arrest those responsible.

Furthermore it is illegal tp pay taxes that support in any way any government that is committing a war crime.

It is therefore the DUTY of British Citizens to do what they can, under Law, to stop those crimes being committed.

To not do so makes each citizen, once they are aware of the Law, an ancilliary to a war crime.

Chris Coverdale and his team have done the research and have outlined the legal status of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and have collated the relevant information for your use at :


I urge you to review this information and to then report the crime at your local Police Station. You will be given a crime number, and at a later date, you will be interviewed so that you can detail the charges. The police are legally bound to investigate any reported crime.

I urge you also to refuse to pay any taxes to the Government, until such time as the war crimes are no longer being committed in your name with your taxes.

The procedure for both these actions is quite simple and more info can be found at their website.

The law is enforceable only by you and I, the citizens of the UK, none other. These laws exist and are fully functioning only when we exercise our will to see those laws upheld and enforced.

If your local MP, Peer etc has supported the War, then you can name them as particular war criminals. If we the people can indict and prosecute even one MP, then we can do do so for all those who are war criminals.

This is the only way we can stop wars. By having those war criminals arrested and by refusing to fund the war through our taxation.

It can be done.


Together we can uphold and enforce the Law and bring the wars to an end.


Today, Thursday 10th January 2008, the UK Government has given the go ahead for more nuclear power stations to be built upon British Soil, with British Taxpayers to foot the bill, whilst International Consortiums of Private Companies will reap the profits. Thanks Mr/ Gordon 'Fat Boy' Brown. This, on top of the committment to enhancing the American Trident Nuclear Missile system, is an insult to all children, to the very concept of bearing children! It is an act of war against all future generations. It cannot go unanswered! This is a war!

To add to the misery, I hear that Mr. Tony "The Child Murderer" Blair has landed a top job with an international merchant banker, JP MORGAN no less! at a cool $1 million or so a year. Thus the ugly truth emerges, that might and greed predominate in the Governance of peoples. This is a war!

Latest developements is that EDF, the French energy Giant is to buy the UKs Nuclear Power Generating Industry! WTF?

War on Terror is over - now it's war against you and I. Mission Accomplished!

Latest news here is that the US of A has signed a Treaty ......... wooo woooooooo!with the 'installed' Iraqi Government that pretty much committs the US Military to a long, long hangover after the party. Bushie Boy really meant it when he said a 'long war'.... apparantly it's to be an endless war or until the job is done.Aptly named 'Operation Enduring Freedom'. Only he and his backers were not letting us in on the dirty little seceret :-( ....... democracy only works at the point of a gun, especially if you know who has the guns, and you know who is, potentially, at the business end of that gun - you and I, my friends, you and I.

Of more interest to Eurocentrics is the recent revelation that the US of A considers that it has the legal right to kidnap anyone, anywhere, as long as The President says so, or a US court claims that the person they wish to apprehend has committed a crime under US of A Law. Hmmmmmmmmm...Given the recent new thought crime laws enacted in the US of A, 'twould appear that most of my writing and music would mean that I would fall into that category, as I am deeply critical of the US of A Government, Democrats and Republicans, of both Senate and Congress, whom I consider to be war criminals and am calling for them to be sewpt aside, put on trial and imprisoned. Technically a crime, as I could be giving 'soccour' to America's enemies. Keys thrown in deep hole and all that! I feel the same way about the English Parliament. However I am but a tiny little minnow, way under the radar..... so I'm not too worried, yet there are some people who will be very worried by this claim. The Yanks base their right on an 1860s Bounty Hunter Statute!


Some really good news : The heart and the brain ..... science has 'discovered' that these two organs are both centres of information processing, with the heart radiating an electroagnetic field that is 5000 times greater than that of the brain! read more here and here Put simply the heart is a yes/no decision device, the brain is a maybe/maybe not thinking device.You know hwen something is wrong, it's an immediate sense that things are't ok. Very useful when working properly...

Take a look at HEALING TOOLS page on this site. You will find resources on this page for the cutting edge of self healing, working with the heart - like taking personal responsibility for your own stuff instead of being dosed upto the eyeballs in toxic pharmaceuticals such as Seroxat, Prozac et al. Duh! .


4.5 billions years of trauma

More Bad news : Did you know there is a nuclear war underway? Depleted Uranium Weapons are in widespread use in Iraq and elsewhere by US/UK/ISRAELI Military..Yes it's true - governments do hate us! DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, it is a by-product of Unranium Enrichment. The US has a stockpile of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of DU material. Read more about it here, here and watch this 'Beyond Treason. Go to my video's page to view a short, yet ever so succint review of this issue. I am sooooooo glad that some people make the time and effort to present info we NEED to know and ACT ON, in a non-sensational manner. See next item for a hint on what action might be appropriate, like down tolls, strike until we stop the bastards..............du(h)!



2000+ days on the pavement outside Parliament!

Inspiring News : Brian Haw has been protesting against UK and US government foreign policy since 2 June 2001 - from economic sanctions and the continued bombing of Iraq to the 'war on terror' and invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq - all policies in which the civilian population, and in particular, the children, have suffered enormously.

"I want to go back to my own kids and look them in the face again knowing that I've done all I can to try and save the children of Iraq and other countries who are dying because of my government's unjust, amoral, fear - and money - driven policies.These children and people of other countries are every bit as valuable and worthy of love as my precious wife and children."

Brian is being harrassed by the Authorities, who want him to cease his vigil. So why not take a few minutes to visit his website here and if you are in Londo ,do take the time to visit him, outside The Mother of All Parliaments, and experience dissent with one of the most visceral and compassionate people you could ever meet. A lovely man!


Helpful news : There's a fine tool for analysing press reports and spotting their techniques for news manipulation and spin or how they lie with statistics.....on ZDNET, net home of activist writing from around the globe! here


(How to Sack Parliament!)

This is old news, however, I intend that it does not go away - The fantastic Power Inquiry Report, entitled Power to The People, After eighteen months of investigation, the final report of Power was a devastating critique of the state of formal democracy in Britain. Millions of people in the UK actively support campaigns such as Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth, and others. And millions more take part in charity or community work. But political parties and elections have been a growing turn-off for years. The cause is not apathy. The problem is that we don’t feel we have real influence over the decisions made in our name.

The need for a change is urgent. And that requires a solution that is radical. Nothing less than a major programme of reform to give power back to the people of Britain... and only we, the people, can make this happen, the politicians are resisting it's reccommendations. read more and order your copy here

There is another unofficial site, on The Power Inquiry, with a helpful detailed listing of the reccommended changes and a place for your comments here I noticed that in all the recent discussions in the media on Party Funding, (labour donors shovelling cash via third party nominees) no one has referred to theeminently sensible and transparent reccomendations in the Power Inquiry! Very Curious!?


(training a new leadership!)









Educate UK Children!

Two seemingly innocous words, my friends. Inspiring, even. Common Purpose. Indeed!

Seems there's an organisation, of that name, that is a 'Charidee' (we all loove a good charidee) that has been 'training leaders' at the taxpayers expense, to the tune of possibly a cool £100 Million, in industry, local and national governance, police and health-care, state detention, education and so on - no-where in their literature is there any mention of 'empowering' people at grass roots level. It's all about leadership. Dodgy!

Apparantly nearly 80,000 people in the UK have undergone this training, though few 'ordainary folk' will have heard of this. CP are very sniffy about being looked at too closely. All I suggest is that you google "common purpose" look for the video and check this out. If it's for real, and there's plenty of evidence to suggest it is, it is NOT GOOD!! If not, then cool, I'll happily ignore them.

This secretive organisation is spreading it's fluffy little wings, and has operations ongoing in many countries. 70 in total according to their website.

And more on Education, where the above mentioned charity has been actively training the 'leaders of tomorrow' - it would seem that a quite a few of the City Academies, touted by Tony 'Education, Education, Education, I'm a Christian, Let's Bomb Iraq' Blair are being taken over by Foreign Military Industrial Complex Corporations (see below) as well as super wealthy bankers such as (European Institute of Mangement, Chairman) Arpad Busson, and other aspiring elitists such as used car sales millionaire Sir Peter Vardy.(creationist) and many others of similar doubtful educational pedigree..........

Yes indeedy. For a mere £2 mill, you too can have one of these City Academies, and the UK Govt. will fund the rest, to the tune of £25 Millions... the 'sponsor' gets to control the school, decide the 'curriculum, 'hire and fire staff and teachers and gets to play with lots of boys and girls. Even the initial outlay by sponsors can be clawed back. Meanwhile, the individuals and outfits taking over upto 200 academies are to be given £5 billion of public money as a down payment and regular government donations to meet running costs.

Furthermore, the bulk of the impetus for all these changes is coming from, the good old US of A. Even down to the nitty gritty design of the New Schools themselves.

Question : Are parents involved in all of this? Answer : No Chance. Hence a number of parents are taking legal action to block the expansion of the City Academy programme in their area. Goole will lead you to their various websites, and you can check for yourself. Don't take my word for it!

Aecom, own Faber Maunsell, who own 3Es, who manage 9 of these spanking [sic] new scholastic institutes. Aecom, you will recognise as a huge military contractor for the Pentagon, (Aecom in Iraq) that funny shaped building in the US of A that eats jumbo jets....and launches wars. 3Es, well now there's a name with history written all over it. question? What the hell has a Pentagon Contractor got to do with Educating English Children? I think we should be told, don't you?

All this sounds distressingly like the setting up of Madrassas in Pakistan in the 70s and 80s by the CIA and ISI to 'train' Muslim Fundamantalists to fight the 'red menace' in Afghanistan, and the Fundamentalist Christian Colleges and schools in the USA that were set up to train and place fundamentalists in local and national Government. Their alumni were instructed to keep their beliefs to themselves when applying for roles in either. And we know what all that resulted in......

For more info on the Historical Proof of How the Education System is, by design and intent, nothing more than indoctrination and applied psychological techniques of mind control read this essay by John Taylor Gatto here

Fortress Festivals

Outdoors festivals being forced to become Fortesses by Anti-terror Legislation! You may be aware of the current financial difficulties of The Big Green Gathering. What you might not be aware of is the reasons for that difficulty. Simply put, it is the extra cost of funding 'security' requirements (£120,000) demanded by the Police under current anti-terrorism guidlines and legislation. Look a bit deeper and one can also see an attempt to disrupt the growth and profile of the independent green movement through undermining it's most successful event, Europes biggest Green Festival.

The BGG needs to raise around £100,000 from the grass roots community, which is £5 per head for all who came to last years festival. It's not a lot, yet it has not happened!

If you want to help, send in that fiver, and then start your own local green campaign, gather your freinds together and start to contact your local paper, national press, local radio, etc., by letter and email, and keep a record of your communications and any responses....and ask why such onerous conditions are being placed upon the BGG which is a not for profit event designed to be of help and benefit to the wider community, whereas other events of similar size that are purely profit driven do not face the same draconian requirements. Furthermore there are provisions in Law to protect companies from excessive red tape if it can be shown that the cost or burden of implementing the conditions can be shown to be 'onerous'. Research these laws and use that info in your communications. read more here


For many this war has been too long already! Iraq War Mortality Survey : Allowing for 16 months of the air war and other deaths since the completion of the survey, it is estimated that somewhere between 185,000 and 700,000 people have died as a direct result of the war. Coalition forces have killed anywhere from 70,000 to 500,000 of them, including 30,000 to 275,000 children under the age of 15..... read more here and read the powerful medialens analysis of UK media coverage here

ORB Mortality Survey : September 17 2007. One in four (26%) Iraqi adults have had a family relative murdered in the last three years, while 23% of those living in Baghdad have had a family/relative kidnapped in the last three years.

These are among the findings released today from the largest poll into Iraqi opinion ever to be published. Carried out by UK research firm ORB, which has been tracking public opinion in Iraq since 2005, the poll shows that despite the horrendous personal security problems only 26% of the country preferred life under the previous regime of Saddam Hussein, with almost half (49%) preferring life under the current political system. As one may expect, it is the Sunnis who are most likely to back the previous regime (51%) with the Shias (66%) preferring the current arrangements. more here


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