Great Essay on Education

John Taylor Gatto

I read a fine and astounding article, written by John Taylor Gatto, one of New Yorks most honoured and respected teachers, respected by both authorities and students alike, published in the Harper's Magazine forum "School on a Hill," which appeared in the September 2001 issue. It's short and to the point, and provides an insight into why our dysfunctional 'system' of 'civilisation' is the way it is. Understanding how schooling has 'dumbed' us all down is a liberating experience, especailly so when it is realised that the 'dumbing down' was intentional, which absolutely validates atotal rebellion against it's agenda and a radical transformation od our chuildrens learning environment.

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or visit his website John Taylor Gatto

and read his essays and order his devastating and yet wonderful, inspiring well researched historical analysis of public education, entitled "An underground History of American Education" online!




And more on Education, where certain not so well known charity has been actively training the 'leaders of tomorrow' - it would seem that a quite a few of the City Academies, touted by Tony 'Education, Education, Education, I'm a Christian, Let's Bomb Iraq' Blair are being taken over by Foreign Military Industrial Complex Corporations (see below) as well as super wealthy bankers such as (European Institute of Mangement, Chairman) Arpad Busson, and other aspiring elitists such as used car sales millionaire Sir Peter Vardy.(creationist) and many others of similar doubtful educational pedigree..........

Yes indeedy. For a mere £2 mill, you too can have one of these City Academies, and the UK Govt. will fund the rest, to the tune of £25 Millions... the 'sponsor' gets to control the school, decide the 'curriculum, 'hire and fire staff and teachers and gets to play with lots of boys and girls. Even the initial outlay by sponsors can be clawed back. Meanwhile, the individuals and outfits taking over upto 200 academies are to be given £5 billion of public money as a down payment and regular government donations to meet running costs.

Furthermore, the bulk of the impetus for all these changes is coming from, the good old US of A. Even down to the nitty gritty design of the New Schools themselves.

Question : Are parents involved in all of this? Answer : No Chance. Hence a number of parents are taking legal action to block the expansion of the City Academy programme in their area. Goole will lead you to their various websites, and you can check for yourself. Don't take my word for it!

Aecom, own Faber Maunsell, who own 3Es, who manage 9 of these spanking [sic] new scholastic institutes. Aecom, you will recognise as a huge military contractor for the Pentagon, (Aecom in Iraq) that funny shaped building in the US of A that eats jumbo jets....and launches wars. 3Es, well now there's a name with history written all over it. question? What the hell has a Pentagon Contractor got to do with Educating English Children? I think we should be told, don't you?

All this sounds distressingly like the setting up of Madrassas in Pakistan in the 70s and 80s by the CIA and ISI to 'train' Muslim Fundamantalists to fight the 'red menace' in Afghanistan, and the Fundamentalist Christian Colleges and schools in the USA that were set up to train and place fundamentalists in local and national Government. Their alumni were instructed to keep their beliefs to themselves when applying for roles in either. And we know what all that resulted in......

For more info on the Historical Proof of How the Education System is, by design and intent, nothing more than indoctrination and applied psychological techniques of mind control read this essay by John Taylor Gatto here



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