Over 1 million dead, 4.5 million displaced! And that's just Iraq!

here's the pitch .... for far too long, the great arts of music and song have been reduced to petty distractions, have been used as part of a negative psychological conditioning of our young people that is narcissistic, vain and vacant, and furthermore has been designed to work in such a manner so as to ensure that our young people do not respond appropriately to the horrors perpetrated by those who control our culture...

so I am calling for artists to use their abilities to empower their brothers and sisters, to expose the lies and shame of our 'leaders', to reject utterly the fame, the money and the deep vice that is popular culture.

i am calling for warrior artists to draw lines in the sand and to use all our abilities to parody, satirise and otherwise humiliate those who continue to work with the purveyors of all weapons of mass distraction.

Look out for my campaign page and group reclaim the melody! on FACEBOOK, wherein songs that have great melodies, but shite lyries are reworked as powerful parodies of their former selves with the express intent of empowering the listener! A Satire or Parody is entirely legal, even for commercial use or sales! No copyright issues! Yeeee Haaaw! Make your own versions and post a link ....

"when we have dealt with the problems of our times there will be plenty of time for distraction, thus for now be enpowered and be empowering." Swami Anu Choon

join with me and make 'commercial distraction entertainment' history.


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