Alice Miller, a one-time protege of Jung, though she transcended the Jungian understanding and created a renewed perspective for child psychology.

In her books (see below) she writes with waht is a profound and compassionate understanding of how all children are inadvertently damaged by parenting and schooling, and how this becomes a war-like society. Miller outlines the consequences for the world those children create, as adults who are unaware of what has been done to them. Her work has been studiously ignored by mainstream psychology and the corrupt psychiatric establishment.

Understand what you have been through. Take it personally. Heal with it. Create a better world.

A simple and easy to read, yet vitally important book The Continuum Concept, gave me direct access to a very essential part of my map home - my innate expectations as a human child.

Based on her astute observations of Yequana people of the South American Rain Forests, corroborated by every study of her work ever since. A beautiful and empowering read. For further exploration just type the title into your search engine and enjoy, be amazed, be happy. Her work is but a small portion of the body of evidence supporting the thesis that indigenous, aboriginal peoples are fitter, psychologically healthier and much more at ease in themselves and their world when compared to people of 'civilised' societies.

As we've all been to school .. here is unschooling, the art of listening to our children, of allowing them to learn naturally and thus to become truly connected, reliable and responsible adults as well as children who truely enjoy being child-like.

Real Education, self-education, is the key to our future, insofar that we adults have so much to learn about children, as we seem to have forgotten what it was really like, and thus we continue the cycle of adverse conditioning.

empower. it never strikes back

scientific info on the heart brain connection ... read more here

Intentional Communities exist all around the planet, and have done for years. people living, working together with intention, creating the future with a sense of creative responsibility.
The Centre for Alternative Technology, a successful project that inspires many, many people. These people are in the forefront of promoting the tools we all need to access to enable our children to have a safe and secure future .... which is our real job ..
and then there are community jewels like Pinakarri, Rosneath, Findhorn and I'm sure there's plenty more .... take a look at the amazing people in your world, and be insired, be very inspired!
Take full responsibility for one's urges, passions and obsessions. Study and experience one's inner tantra - go beyond - ask questions - listen for answers. Even if one has to wait a while before the answer is clear....we are the carriers of our own truths, we are the ones who feel those things.
Being aware of and understanding that how one feels and how one behaves are the real answers to the big questions of life. Aware of one's boundaries one recycles - reuses - as much as needed, to preserve balance. This is as a prayer to our planet and to all life that exists here, to take such care. To be as loving with the Earth as one is with oneself, one's family, and friends. When each does what each loves, it is the perfect gift to the community of all life and this embodies conscious community.
I find that when I ask a question and just be - the answer will come, naturally, in the form of my true feeling. That is one way of loving myself - similarily I like to sit with people, in circles and speaking in turn, sharing our truths. That is a way of loving others. A way of respect and an way to empower each other. It is very simple to enact.

a few good reads..

Read Alice Miller : The Roots of Violence in Child-Rearing : for your own good

Read Carl Rogers : On being an Individual : Inner Strength and it's Revolutionary Impact

Read Paolo Friere : Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Read Healing without Freud or Prozac *

*A great little book with 7 easily learned and tested techniques

John Taylor Gatto, a teacher based in New York, who resigned after 30 years of teaching because he saw the damage the education system was doing to so many children and understanding what he saw, he quit. .................He then wrote a compelling history of the genesis of 'compulsory education', similar in revelatory power to Howard Zinns "A Peoples History of The United States of America'. Gatto's book is called 'An Underground History of American Education' and it has serious implications for all people of the modern world, insofar that it proves that a conscious plan to psychologically manipulate the people was crafted by powerful elite interests to protect their own power and wealth.

Listen carefully to and honour your feelings - the more you listen and honor your feelings the more you will experience peace and rest. Being pleasurable is easier than 'having' pleasure. Each one of us has, in our truth, something unique and precious to share.


Eat organic raw foods more often.

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