Performance Fee
Expenses such as travel, accomodation, food etc. plus his fee.....

Technical Rider

2 Vocal Mic (Shure SM58 or similar quality), 2 Boom Mic stand

1 DI Box (for the BOSS loopstation RC50)

Sound Desk
FX: Reverb, Audio out, (Stereo Phono or XLR), for recording purposes

Stage / Dressing Room

Bottled Still Water (not cooled), Glass, Chair/Stool




Basic Press Release Blurb

Corneilius' warm voice and his relaxed stage presence has had audiences glowing and cheering at gigs throughout the UK over the past 20 years, and promises more of the same.

With an average of 50 performances each year, Corneilius is constantly breaking new ground through regular performances in the UK and Europe. Corneilius is focused on live performance as his base, rather than CD or digital sales.

The Summer of 2014 saw the launch of Corneilius with a loop station, which allows Corneilius to share even more of his innate musicality, adding layer upon layer of tone, colour and rhythm to his songs.

A consumate guitarist, Corneilius's show also includes some improvisations, crafting tense, intense and exhilarating soundscapes with a unique feel.....

His joyous song of friendship "The Perfect Cup of Tea" and his effervescent festival song "We are all Family" are just two of this singers classic songs. Corneilius' work is featured on many websites, podcasts and on independent FM radio world-wide.

As dj lookwood Corneilius djs and produces a wide range of electronic dance music.

corneilius A4 poster here

for further discussion please contact corneilius


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