organic farming can feed
a phd paper explodes the myths of Industrial Farming: Essential reading!
healing food reference
a free public service to promote health freedom, excellent!
green futures events
glastonbury, big green, kingston green and more ...
hemp garden
organic hemp products, a multi-purpose natural resource!
organic cuba
the storey of how cuba went organic! let's do it!
a detailed resume of the chemicals in food! Ewweeuurghh!
permaculture magazine website
UK permaculture association website
permaculture wiki
wikipedia permaculture entry
spiral seed
essex based project, promoting better relationship the land
permaculture web-ring
a permaculture web-ring, lots of sites!
plants for a future
preserving and growing edible and medical plants












"It helps if you become your own best friend and find out what is true about all this for yourself." Stephen Harrod Buhner

"The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love" - William Sloan Coffin