I have learned that we are all born experts at learning and that being 'taught' in the conventional and frequently applied sense of the word merely obstructs learning.

I have learned that quite a few current Governance Paradigms are founded upon twin falsehoods:

1) There are some few 'special' people who are fit to lead; and that 2) The greater part of the population are not fit to decide or to think for themselves or their communities. That is why most Governments rule by fear based laws. Lies and Fear are partners in Coercive Control Systems. Their Lies, our Fear. Their Fear, our Lives.

I have learned that imposing a belief upon a child is tantamount to child abuse. Let the children choose. They know who they are, and they know what they feel. Adults must respect that.

I have learned that certain forms of institutionalised 'compulsory state education' are abusive to children. I can prove it, definitively.

I have learned that there is no absolute Force Of Evil on Earth, merely dysfunctional human behaviour, which is no mystery, and can be changed.

I have learned that it is in our best interests to be self reliant spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and practically, in terms of food, shelter and community, always working closely with universe as universe naturally manifests on earth.

I have learned that if I hand my power over to another, I am abusing both myself and the other.

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