Ben Cohen, of Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream is putting his weight behind the peace movement in the USA. He's made some fine videos on the subject of the US Military Budget, the largest in the world. Well worth a watch! here

Going to war is, and has always been a profit making and totally sordid business decision - read a fine piece of writing by General Smedly Butler, of the US Marines - it's called "war is a racket" and it was written in the 1930s ...... it remains a cogent and powerful piece of writing, even today. Read it here. And for info on the corruption and money grabbing by US and UK firms in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere check the links below. There's so much info on this you only have to google "war"+"profit" ...... go get the details, find out if these companies work in your area and let other people know. For example I found out recently there's a UK company that makes infra-red and radar weapons systems and sighting equipment that is used by US and Isaeli Military, based in Brighton, that lovely little town by the sea! Bono invests in companies that do this kind of work! corruption links : Afghanistan. Iraq. Palestine. Israel.

Brian Haw 2000+ days on the pavement outside Parliament! An awesome achievement and a fine example to us all. Inspite of near constant police harrasment, arrests, court appearances and the odd aggressive 'passer-by' Brian has maintained his protest, his demonstration of his intense love for the children of this world, a love we would all feel and act on were it not for our fear ..... the mortgage, job and girlfriend were not good enough excuses for Brian to excuse the UK Foreign Office and UK Military for carrying out genocidal policies against the Iraqi people, bombing them with DU weapons since 1991, furthering the damge by imposition of sanctions, policies which led to the excess deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children in the 12 years from 1991 to 2003, policies which according to Madelaine Albright, the arrogant US ambassador to the UK, were considered "worth the price" in western political circles. Surely the only people in a position to evaluate that cost are those who pay it - the children of Iraq! visit Brians website here
Amnesty Internationals campaign WOMEN UNDER FIRE This campaign looks at ARMS CONTROL, in recognition of the fact that the majority of those affected by gun violence are women and children. In war, it is the women and children who are predominantly the victims. As the Amnesty International slogan says it is "THE HUMAN RIGHT THING TO DO". Amnesty have some fantastic promotional material which you can access via their website. You can get posters and other stuff to distribute at work, at school and elsewhere. It doesn't have to be that way! Be the change. Start today!

Iraqi Casualties! Over a year ago an international team of epidemiologists headed by Les Roberts of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, completed a “cluster sample survey” of civilian casualties in Iraq. Its findings contradicted central elements of what politicians and journalists had presented to the U.S. public and the world. After excluding any possible statistical anomalies, they estimated that at least 98,000 Iraqi civilians had died in the previous 18 months as a direct result of the invasion and occupation of their country. They also found that violence had become the leading cause of death in Iraq during that period. Their most significant finding was that the vast majority (79 percent) of violent deaths were caused by “coalition” forces using “helicopter gunships, rockets or other forms of aerial weaponry,” and that almost half (48 percent) of these were children, with a median age of 8. read more here

The US/UK Governments are putting on the pressure for military action against Iran based on bogus allegations that Iran is developing Nuclear Weapons, in breach of the NPT, which the UNs Atomic Inspectors, the IAEA, say is totally unfounded. There's a real risk that 'battle-field' nuclear weapons will be used in this attack! Read more here