Subtervise : vb; to undermine the intention of advertising, propaganda and mainstream editorial

The Fundamentals of Our Political Culture or the Roots of Violence as The Control Mechanism. Education is propaganda training!

Neurosis is a word to describe being what one is not in order to get what doesn't exist!

If love existed, the child would be what she or he is, for that is love; letting someone be what they are. Thus, nothing wildly traumatic need happen in order to produce neurosis. It can stem from forcing a child to punctuate every sentence with "please" and "thank you," to prove how refined the parents are. (Court protocol)

It can also come from not allowing the child to complain when she or he is unhappy or to cry when he or she is hurt or frightened. (State Secrets Act) Parents may rush in to quell sobs because of their own anxiety. They may not permit anger - "nice girls don't throw tantrums; nice boys don't talk back" - to prove how respected the parents are; neurosis may also arise from making or coercing a child perform, such as asking him to recite poems at a party or solve abstract problems.

Whatever form it takes, the child gets the idea of what is required of him or her quite soon. Perform, or else. (Work or else.) Be what is wanted, or else - no love, or what passes for love: approval, a smile, a wink (a job). Eventually the act of doing what gets approval comes to dominate the child's life, which is passed in performing rituals and mouthing incantations in the service of the parent or employer or political systems' requirements, to the childs own cost. This leads to distrust and self alienation.

In forgetting the childhood and educational experiences that create the neurosis and alienation, we sentence ourselves to living in fear, to being the futile controller and the servile controlled.

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