propaganda : telling lies with their hands on their hearts....

Experiments conducted by researcher H. Krugman reveal that when a person watches television, brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere, away from logical analytic activity, towards a more passive and emotional activity, which is accompanied by endorphin production.

Endorphins are the bodies self-generated opiates. This explains the TV habit. We are literally self dosing on our own narcotics just by the very process of watching TV. Content is irrelevant. However when this is seen in the light of a conscious attempt at mind programming, content becomes very, very important. Of course those who seek to progam anothers mind will want that to be almost invisible to the subject of their programming. Hence story lines, fairy tales and parables.

The fact is that the person watching TV is self-opiated, and pretty much unresistant to the messages being received. Which are by and large, fear, lust and violence in it's many guises as news, sex, you remember watching a TV program or Movie as a child and then acting ou the scenarios afterwards in games?

Do a little experiement - watch TV for 10 minutes, and close your eyes and take a look at what you will visualise!

Iraqi Casualties! Over a year ago an international team of epidemiologists headed by Les Roberts of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, completed a “cluster sample survey” of civilian casualties in Iraq. Its findings contradicted central elements of what politicians and journalists had presented to the U.S. public and the world. does a great job of deconstructing the UK medias abyssmal reporting of this report, which in effect, amounts to censorship and propaganda and regularily confronts the editors and writers with their work.

visit medialens and check out their articles and email campaigns tackling the propaganda of the mainstream press in the UK.

The so-called 'civil war' in Iraq is also propaganda. It is the 'death squads', armed and uniformed by the US Government, as well as 'mercanaries' who are targetting the various communities, as similarly organised 'police' and 'military' did in Angola, Guatamala, Indonesia, Nicuaragua, Equador, Chile, Argentina and elsewhere. The pattern is that eventually some people in those targetted commuities, being so utterly truamatised by the murders and torturings carried out by the 'death squads' will inevitably retaliate, and so the cycle of violence continues. This is the standard 'operational method' of the CIA and many others - the historical record proves this assertion. The good news is that when those who sponsor such activities leave off, the people do work towards peaceful resolution, as has happened in most of the countries mentioend above.. Read more about the Lancet Report and the implications here (from zmag)

Sirs kNobo Tox and Slob Goldloaf are, imo, propaganda merchants Both Bono and Geldof, if not naive, (a sad and forlorn hope on my part) are possibly fully paid up members of the elite propadganda machine of global capitalism and adjuncts of the propaganda machine of US/UK Foreign Policy. Geldof with his pop concerts, Live Aid and Live 8, and his public hectoring of politicians, Bono with his Afro-Charity DATA and the obnoxious LABEL (RED) which he co-ordinates with American Express. Both are incredibly wealthy, and do not bank on the high street, that's for sure.

here follows some of my thoughts and research into these 'stars'.

Sir Bob Geldof :

Makes a living out of 'inspirational speeches' to Coporate clients, part owns and is non-exec director of a substantial TV and PR company TenAlps whose clients list includes The UK Foreign Office, The MInistry of Defence, JP Morgan, UBS, Ford, Volvo, BP, L'Oreal, O2, Disney, EMI and many more like these.. The UK Foreign Office, The MInistry of Defence, JP Morgan, Ford, Volvo, BP and UBS were all implicated in supporting South Africa's Apartheid regime for most of the 70s and 80s. A number of court cases brought by South Africans against these corporations in the late 90s and early 21st Century failed on 'technicalities'. My, how times have changed!

TenAlps Turnover in 2005/6 was a cool 47 million sterling. Brook Lapping TV, an arm of TenAlps produced the two TV 'documentaries' - "Flight 93 - The Flight that Fought Back!" and "9/11 - Twin Towers" mostly fictional works of propaganda.

There's also a huge controversy over Geldofs involvement in G8 2005, which he provided a nice whitewash and distraction cover for, and his involvement in the Make Poverty History campaign, which he pretty much scuppered. There are also serious questions regarding the distribution of funds after both Live Aid and Live 8 - there are still no publicly available accounts for these activities, and it is public money!. Geldof is said to be worth 40 million.

Here's what leading retailers had to say concerning record sales post Live 8 :

Woolworths music boss Jim Batchelor : 'Our stores have been inundated with customers wanting CDs of the Live8 artists and we are busy re-ordering back catalogue titles.'

HMV's Gennaro Castaldo : 'It's likely this impact will become more pronounced through the week, as more fans respond to the combined efforts of the weekend's televised event, the G8 summit and all the ensuing publicity.'

According to HMV, sales of Pink Floyd's 'best of' album Echoes went up by 1,343 per cent. Sales of albums by the Who rose by 863 per cent, Annie Lennox by 500 per cent, Dido by 412 per cent, Razorlight by 335 per cent and Robbie Williams by 320 per cent.

Sir Bono Vox:

Bono owns an investment company, Elevator, that has invested substantially in Pandemic Studios, a US software company that in February 2006 produced a game entitled Mercanary 2, which is set in Venezuela, where a hypothetical dicatator stops oil supply to the US, and valiant US Mercenaries and Soldiers invade Venezuela to recoup the oil! A classic shoot 'em up game! The other side of Biometrics business, into which Bono has "full visibility", is providing the software for US Military Computerised Warfare Training. Nice! more details here

Bono has also been noted for hectoring Governments to cough up their minimum declared aid budgets ...... however in mid 2006 he moved his business from Ireland, where he has resided many years tax-free, to avoid paying income taxes, which had been extremely low/non-existant for musicians until the Irish Government decided to tax them again. Bono promptly moved his business to Holland, where he pays a more favourable, minimal rate of taxation, thus contributing, as ever nothing, to the Irish Exchequer, out of which they might make aid money available. The Irish Government noted in late 2006 that the missing income from U2s business did make an appreciable dent in public ginances. Bono is said to be worth 250+ million.

American Express has admitted that it's involvement in LABEL(RED), with full support from Bono, purportedly raising funds for AIDS treatment programs in Africas, LABEL(RED) whose slogan "there's never been a better reason to shop" is primarily concerned with creating a new credit card customer base amongst the young, (hoping to accrue 4 million new cardholders from this scam!) and neglects to mention that at least 5 of its board members are also board members of the main Pharma companies that hold AIDS medicine patents - the same companies who refused to allow the Africans to produce their own generic medicines not so long ago.

read more details on this here and here and here

For more fun with these two characters visit the subtervisepage, under the campaigns menu on this site. It's not funny, not one bit, to be on the receiving end of these goons appalling behaviour, so please spread the word and help break the 'spell'.

For quality counter propaganda check these two videos out!

VIP : Take a look at Harold Pinter's passionate Nobel Lecture, shown on video December 7, 2005 In Börssalen to the Swedish Academy in Stockholm. It is a wonderful propaganda 'spell' breaker. view it here

Chomsky's February 2006 lectures in Dublin and his interview on RTE (radio 'taoiseach' eireann), two essential pieces of video, especially for Irish people. The lecture is stunning, in it he's shows clearly the cowardice and compliance of the European Governments regarding Iraq/Iran.see it here (1.5 hour)

The interview with RTE is also revealing as it deals with the use of Shannon Airport as a stop over for rendition flights and for general use by the USAF and US Army in the War on Iraq. In it he clearly states that it is a crime, without actually saying that Bertie is a criminal - the weasel interviewer demonstrates how the establishment attempts to deny or avoid the facts by attacking Chomsky.

Unfortunately it is no longer here as RTE have removed it. Trying toget a copy of it..... (17 min) essential viewing