taking action has many levels, from taking the time to learn about whats really going on around us and sharing that info, to direct action like blockades and marches. every little bit helps. do not be put off by media allusions to hopelessness. or a sense that it's all too big to deal with. do not be put off by anything. let your heart guide you in this. do what you feel and connect with others who are also taking action

Nuclear Power! No way! It now looks like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are pressing ahead with plans to re-commission Trident, a 200+ nuclear missile 'deterrent', made and controlled by the US government.. at a cost of upto 76 billion pounds, over ten years, to the UK taxpayers .....!! nuts! Here's a quick and easy ongoing petition, called Option 10 that was presented to the UK govenrment March 31st, 2006, that clearly states what can be done, that would be safe, sustainable and possible, instead of expanding the 'civilian' nuclear power station network. The same that produces 'depleted uranium' .......as seen in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo! Now is a really good time to join CND.

Why not check on your local MP to see their voting record on the this and other subjects, at they work for you.com ? You can also write to them at writetothem.com to let them know you know. It's fun, and feels good. It also puts on record your objections, and their replies to your emails.

Swedens 2006 announcement that it will be fossil fuel and nuclear fuel free by 2020 is good news for us all. It shows that another world is possible. Join up with any CND groups you can, and write, email and pester your representatives.

Brian Haw 2000+ days on the pavement outside Parliament! An awesome achievement and a fine example to us all. Inspite of near constant police harrasment, arrests, court appearances and the odd aggressive 'passer-by' Brian has maintained his protest, his demonstration of his intense love for the children of this world, a love we would all feel and act on were it not for our fear ..... the mortgage, job and girlfriend were not good enough excuses for Brian to excuse the UK Foreign Office and UK Military for carrying out genocidal policies against the Iraqi people, bombing them with DU weapons since 1991, the damage caused by 13 years of economic sanctions, policies which led to the excess deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children in the 12 years from 1991 to 2003, policies which according to Madelaine Albright, US ambassador to the UK, were considered "worth the price" in political circles. Brian is a man of heart and conscience. Check out Brians website here and be inspired!

Iraqi Casualties! In January 2006 an international team of epidemiologists headed by Les Roberts of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, completed a “cluster sample survey” of excess mortality in Iraq. Its findings contradicted central elements of what politicians and journalists had presented to the US/UK public and the world. After excluding any possible statistical anomalies, they estimated that at least 98,000 Iraqi civilians had died in the previous 18 months as a direct result of the invasion and occupation of their country. They also found that violence had become the leading cause of death in Iraq during that period. Their most significant finding was that the vast majority (79 percent) of violent deaths were caused by “coalition” forces using “helicopter gunships, rockets or other forms of aerial weaponry,” and that almost half (48 percent) of these were children, with a median age of 8. The total excess deaths since the invasion started range between 340,000 and 948,000. read more here

Why not check on your local MP to see their voting record on the Iraq war, at they work for you.com ? You can also write to them at writetothem.com to let them know you know. It's fun, and feels good. It also puts on record your objections, and their replies to your emails. How the media are burying the lancet report details here
The US/UK Governments are putting on the pressure for military action against Iran for doing what they are already doing themselves - based on bogus allegations that Iran is developing Nuclear Weapons, in breach of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which the UNs Atomic Inspectors, the IAEA, say is totally unfounded. There's a real risk that 'battle-field' nuclear weapons will be used in this planned attack! The UK is in breach of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if they re-commission Trident. If the claim that Iran is in breach of the treaty is reason given for the US to threaten to attack them, will the US then also attack the UK? I think not! read more here

Legislative and Regualtory Reform Unnoticed by the majority, pretty much unmentioned by the mainstream media, the government has quietly slipped through legislation that is being called the "Abolition of Parliament Bill", the "Totalitarianism Bill", and other equally scary names. Its real name is the "Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill", and it threatens to bypass normal Parliamentary controls, and make it almost impossible to stop government ministers from enacting any law they like. Recent statements seem to indicate that it is to be used to rush through clearance for Trident, and to avoid regulatory 'burdens' on issues such as dealing with nuclear waste, house building, privatisation, closure of local hospitals and so on. So please, please take look at the campaign against the current attempts by 'UK Executive' (Prime Ministers Office) to obliterate parliaments ability to check and control government ministers here

Tony Blair promised to democratise the House of Lords over the course of his premiership. Instead he has been handing out peerages to business leaders and cronies. Democracy is more than a vote, it is active involvement in the process of legislation and demands transparency, integrity and healthy debate. Democracy only works when it is participative. Take your part in it seriously. Write to him to remind him of his promise......

One of the more recent bad, and very ugly ideas this Government wanted to implement was to broaden the ability of the police and others to committ people to psychiatric 'care' and even more obscene, to make it legal to force people to take 'medication' once they had been so committed. The 'chemical cosh' as it is known. The terminology regarding the broadening of these powers and the circumstances around which committal proposals could be made were so vague that they could include anyone labelled as an extremist. The House of Lords, in January 2007, rejected such proposals, on human rights grounds, though the media continues to play up the issues, with sensationalist reporting of the relatively few murders that occur that are committed by people who have been labelled as 'schizophrenic' ... or 'at risk'. The real agenda behind these moves is, imo, to create a legal pretext for dealing with activists and other 'problem' people by throwing them into asylums...six months under the chemical cosh is enough to destroy most peoples minds,,.... in fact, it is known that a few people in Government would quite happily describe Brian Haw as being 'mad' .............. yet is he? I for one would argue that he is extremely sane, and more to the point, a principled and deeply spirited humane being. Tony Blair, on the other hand. .......??

Why not check on your local MP, be they Labour, Conservative, Independent or Liberal Democrat, to see their voting record on the this Bill and others , at they work for you.com ? You can also write to them at writetothem.com to let them know you know and to suggest best practice. It's fun, and feels good. It also puts on record your objections, and their replies to your emails.