Food : You are what you eat!

It occured to me, some time in 2005, that people who grow their own food, organically, and trade the surplus, need very little in the way of consumer goods, as their way of life is so connected to natural growth that they are nourished in many ways and in exchanging food and information they create a sense of community that is the best replacement for 'entertainment'. This wonderful planet provides all that is needed, and never asks for repayment, other than recycling.

Watching the seasons, being in tune with the Earth, people who grow their own foods and manage their own resources are happy people. They have plenty to sing about, and great stories to tell. It is a fact that the 'developed' industrialised nations have very nearly annihilated all those millions of people who formerly gathered, hunted or grew their own foods. Big Up to the Kalahari Bush People for fighting for their rights in Botswana! They are showing us the way forward.

Did you know that in 1986 the UN General Assembly proposed a resolution that said everyone had a right to food. The USA vetoed that resolution, and suggested an ammendment saying "that everyone has a right to buy food". Now you know why!

In Cuba, (which certianly is not perfect, by any means) most if not all of the population of 11.3 million people (that's a lot of people!) eat foods that are grown using organic bio-dynamic principles. Over the past 15 years the Cuba agricultural 'industry' has been transformed. Cuba has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, a literacy rate of 97% and is one of the best kept secrets in the world. That secrecy has nothing to do with the Cuban people themselves, it is due to the huge pressure the US Government has, in terms of sanctions against Cuba and control in the Western media. Read more about this remarkable and positive change! Another world is possible.

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by the way, studies completed over the past 50 years suggest that the planet can host between 20 - 50 billion human beings, if done wisely!