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SOUL SURGEON (1995, self-titled, cassette only)
Breaking Me, You Don't See Me, First Rays, Met My Match
Our first release! We recorded this at this guy Addison's house, it was extremely small. The drums were in a small laundry room. Dogs barked while tape was rolling, we looked at some dusty Playboys, and goofed off on Sam's video camera. We sold this tape at Guido's shows. If you have a cassette copy of this rarity, consider yourself the ultimate old-school Soul Surgeon fan.

IT'S A START (1996, cassette only)
Rock Bottom, When I'm Down, Area 51, The Big Parade
We went to Memphis with Dan Tyler and had a blast making our second EP. Visited Sun Studios and were wowed with how good we actually sounded in a studio. Turns out these tracks would later appear on our first full-length.

SOUL SURGEON (1997, CD, unreleased)
Complicated, Area 51, When I'm Down, I'll Get You, The Big Parade, Breaking Me, Rock Bottom, Clear, Beamer, Morning Time
We recorded this full-length demo CD with R.S. Field, and had a great time. Sam and Keith had Kiss Me Kate rehersal every day which segued into some late night recording and cramming for Wordly Wise tests. Fat Mo's was a regular part of our evenings as well. Once we recorded Complicated, we knew we had a hit. Cutting room floor: Heart She Can't Beat, You Don't See Me.

GARAGE ROCK OPERAS (1998, LP for Sire Records, never released)
Big Big World, Complicated, Significant Other, Area 51, Midnight Situation, Outside Looking In, Rich Girls, The Big Parade, Somebody's Daughter, Free, How Do You Catch a Girl?
Our record for SIRE. R.S. produced again, Jim Demain was behind the board. Wow, this was such a big part of our lives that I don't quite know what to say about it. We are planning on eventually making this music available to you guys, because we're still (in a weird way) proud of it and want you all to hear it.

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (1999, CD/cassette, original motion picture soundtrack)
Number One
We recorded this track, along with Elvis Costello's "Accidents Will Happen," while waiting for the Sire album to come out, and we recorded both in just a couple days. It was quite fun to have this song be in that movie. There are two versions, one with the rave-up and one without.

Weekday Song, The Whitest Lie, I Saw Her, You Bring Me Down, Somedays, She Knows, My Latest State of Mind, The Dagger You Left Inside, Heaven, On the Inside, 212, Dream Sweetly Dream
Finally! The first official release since 1996. You know the drill. Go out there and get this record, we hope you enjoy it.

LIFEBOY REMIXED (2001, limited edition bonus CD)
Overture, Downpour, Motion at the Gates
These great remixes (of 212, 212, and Heaven, respectively) were handed out with the first 30 CDs sold at the release show. Our friends Scott and Dave from Esposito mixed these incredible tracks, and we're honored to have collaborated with them.

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