About the Course!!

Who should attend?
The intent of this cousre is to provide the student with the hynotherapy skills necessary to be in private practice. There are no pre-requisites other than being over the age of 19 and possessing a genuine desire to help others change their life for the better.

How long does it take?
In the classroom setting, the course is taught in 00 eight hour sessions for a total of 00 hours.

Will I need to purchase any textbooks or other extras?
Yes, you will need to purchase "TEXT" and regular clasroom notebooks for your own use.

Will there be ongoing support once I have graduated?
Yes, Sheery is always available to answer your questions. Upgrade courses and self-help videos are also available to gradustes.

Will I be able to start my own practise immediately upon graduating?
The course is comprehensive enough for you to be able to successfully and competently open a hypnotherapy practice safe in the knowledge that you have the qualifications to provide this wonderful service.

How much will it cost?
The cost for the course is $3000.00 plus $150.00 for the textbook.

Is the course available through correspondence?
Not at this time, however in the future I hope to be able to provide upgarde courses on video tape.

Is the schoold registered with the appropriate bodies?
The Institute is registered with the Private Post-Secondary Education Commission of British Columbia.

Who will accept the certification that is being offered?
All students are eligible to apply to any of the Hypnotherapy Associations however, the Institute is registered as an approved school through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. An I.M.D.H.A. certificate will be awarded upon graduation.

Is a Certificate a forgone conclusion?
The I.M.D.H.A. certificate requires that students complete an extensive exam and session evaluation. Certification is contigent on completion of all evaluation processes.

Is there funding available for students?
We do not offer financing however we do have a payment plan.