Let me introduce myself

I work with clients in my full time practice as well as writing and professionally recording session work for worldwide distribution. Family physicians, phychologists and psychotherapists have purchased my pre-recorded sessions for their patients.

I have a genuine passion for the work that I do, spending countless hours in research, education, session work and planning. Clients come to me seeking help in many areas. It is always my pleasure to do the very best I can for them.

Most of my clients are referrals from past clients. I very rarely advertise anymore. It is not necessary. I feel that my referral rate is an excellent indicator of the work I do.

During hypnosis, I use many different therapies to achieve the results my client and I are looking for. I often go straight to the initial sensitizing event (root cause) and work from there. I use release work therapies, direct suggestion, guided imagery, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), emotive therapies and much more. I am skilled in all areas of therapies and my sessions are comprehensive and empowering. I usually see clients for a consultation session before any work is done.

There is nothing greater than watching a client change their life in a positive way. I believe therapeutic work by a skilled hypnotherapist is one of the most powerful healing modalities available.

Most people are not used to utilizing their entire mind. They function using about 10% of the minds potential. Hypnotherapy utilizes 100% of the minds power. When both the conscious and subconscious mind are working together for their benefit, real and permanent changes can occur. By changing your mind, you are changing your life.

I provide quality sessions at a reasonable rate. Many hypnotherapists charge by the hour, I charge one fee per session. That way my clients will always know the amount they are paying before we begin. They can rest assured that there are no hidden costs or exorbitant bills at the end of the session.

I enjoy my work thoroughly. I look forward to each new day, knowing that I am truly making a difference in peoples lives. I can't imagine doing anything else.

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