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 Hamsters do not eat much relative to us or other pets. In fact, many owners have the tendency to overfeed their pets.
Hamsters are omnivores but lean more to a vegetarian diet. They do very well on a complete compound food of a variety of seeds and other vegetable matter. Fresh food is also appreciated.

Some of

Please bear in mind that these are what other owners feed have said that they feed their roborovskis and may not be suitable for all hamsters.

See also Mealworms

Vegetables  Fruits Nuts & seeds Others
  • Sweetcorn (juicy and sweet!)
  • Chinese cabbage
  • salad
  • fresh pears
  • peanuts
  • millet seeds
  •  yoghurt drops

erm...kebab (got this in the mail) - can anyone second this??

What you should NOT feed your roborovskis

Tell us what your hamster likes to eat
My hamster likes to eat  
My hamster is a  


More literature...

 There are a few nutrition articles written by Sebastian, a member of tusmc_hamsters, for the list members. If you're a list member, go to:

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