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Hamstermeet Archives
December 1999
June 2000
Hi all, follow the links to find out more about Hamstermeets. Recently met up with Esther ( who came in December 2000) and wow, it's been a long time! We have been wanting to organise one but everytime we picked a date, there was someone unavailable. So, to cut a long story short, we'll keep you updated! (updates go through the lists)
December 1999 June 2000 December 200
Hui Jen Clarissa and parents Catherine 
Jacin Cellin Chris
Mark Dorin Dorin
Rachel Hui Jen Esther
Sherry Howe and friend Hui Jen

Jacin Jacin

Joanne Joanne

Natalie and friend Mark

Patrick Pauline

Pauline Sebastian

Sherry Sherry

Su Yin Shirley

Suzene and friends Su Yin

Theresa Tony

Yin Yin and friend
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