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The cost of

What a hamster needs Cost/Price Remarks
Home & Furnishing
Cage Safari Habitrail $18 (Petmart) The safari with wheel and second deck is pretty popular but the metal grilles rust.
Simple metal cages $15 (bigger ones are more expensive) Cheaper ones look like metal wires twisted together and rust easily.
Good quality cages From more than $30 to over $100 These might be more sturdy and rust resistant.

$4- $7.50  

$6 (safari wheel for fish tank)

Get those without grilles at the bottom so that hamsters' feet won't get caught and injured. 
Food dish $3.50 Some owners do not use food dishes.
Water bottle

$2.50 - $7.50   

$5 (Safari water bottle)

Wood shavings

$4 - $4.60 (witte molen)  

$6 (Sluis)


Chinchilla sand   


$6 for a packet of 435g  

$9 for a Vitacraft packet

Safari outpost  $5 Can be used as sandbath containers. The hammies can have the sandbath as and when they like it. A bit expensive though especially if some of them like to pee in it. They also love to sleep in the sandbath container.
Tidy toilet  $4
Vitacraft food 3 for $10 include treats like fruit sticks, yogurt drops, etc
Sluis dwarf hamster food  $9 for a 1kg packet (Petlovers)  
Nutra Puffs fortified treats  $4.64 for 43g pkt limit to 2-3 puffs per day per hamster
Cliffi Dolcino biscuit  $2.30 for a 35g pkt  
Kaytree Food  $5  
Packet of seeds (bird seeds, sunflower seeds, etc) $2- $3 ( Shop opposite Petmart at Serangoon North)  
Hobo Yogurt Delight $4.40 Other flavours are available too.
Fresh vegetables Young corn $0.50 per packet These are only examples of what hamsters eat. They love many other veggies and fruits too. 
Bean sprouts $0.20-$0.40
Big corns  $1-$2 for 2 corns
Vet care A minimum of $20 The minimum is the consultation fee. Other costs include medicine given and how sick the hamster is. Even GST has to be considered.
Toys for hamsters
Maze About $35

Use your creativity to make toys for your hamsters.   

Make sure the toys do not have sharp edges or any parts that will hurt them.

Ladder $2 (Pet Lovers)
Toilet rolls Free
Plastic trays  $1.99 ($1.99 Shop) Put some shavings and seeds. The hamster can sleep in it, use as a toilet or just run in and out.
Hamster ball $6 (Transparent orange at Pet Mart) This ball of diameter 17 cm can be used by a Syrian. There are smaller balls at the same price for dwarf hamsters.

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