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Short stories

My Hamster Brian

(Teddy Bear hamster)

Recieved on the 20th of December from Samantha Parker

This story is dedicated to my five year old teddy bear hampster Brian. Brian was bought from a pet shop. he was sold once but brought back because he was mean. i have trained him to be no contact. and litter trained. he has every thing his heart can desire. but resently he has gotin sick. He bleeds from inside. One day he'll be bleeding the next day he will be fine. i know that his day will come but i hope it wont be tommarow. i have had other hampsters but none of them like my Brian. he is a excape artist and mean to the cats he will bit them given the chance. my loveable cat was put down last year. so know instead of a cat following me i have a hampster in a pink ball taging along behind me. there is more to his life but that would not be worth meting, it would be the same thing of food, love, care, and all he wants. In hope that my precias Brian will live another night. his faithfull owner Samantha

Dumpling P. Noodle Poodle

(Teddy Bear Hamster)

Recieved on the 4th of August from Gabriel Santos

My hamster's name is Dumpling P. Noodle poodle. I got him afew weeks after school. He is very mischiveos He got out out of his cage in the Basement with giant cheeks and stopped by in the T.V. room for a snack of rubber buttons of our T.V. remote and disapeared into the darkness. Five days later we found him in a storage room on shredded cardboard pieces I got him and put him back in his cage. He had a couple sips of water and went to bed with faint little snores.

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