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Twas The Night Before Easter.

Twas the night before Easter,and all through the house,
Everyone who beleived was crying and had doubts.
The soilders were all standing guard with some others to
They said His followers would steal His body and claim His words to be true.

I in my guilt and others close had our doubts
We just watched and waited for soliders to carry us out.
All night long I could not sleep thinking about each lash He took.
Each step He made I relived and wondered why.. then I shook

They hit Him and Spit in His face and Nailed Him to the cross
They mocked Him and laughed at Him cussed Him, His clothes they tossed.
He was a man who only came to save... His heart clean and full of love
Why did they do this I tossed and turned He was God's son from above.

I lay here and no sleep can I find For even I was a coward, I denied
He came as a sacrifice For this reason was He born I bow my head in shame and I cry.
The morning soon will be here
For my brothers and sisters life I do fear.

When what to my wondering ears should sound
It was Mary excited and claiming something profound.
It was daybreak and she said I have seen the Master
We all looked and said this woman surly is plastered

She said He has risen He told me to come and tell the good news
Pushed me away and said I was there just where were you?
Some laughed and said things as I thought about this day
They said she was crazy and told her to go away.

She left with tears for us all,once again we didn't believe.
Thomas turned and made a joke,hush I said my heart did grieve.
Do you believe her story Thomas did say
Yes I yelled! because He said "I will rise on the 3rd day"

Brothers cant you see I said as they all gathered around
Jesus is the Christ and we all knew this, there was not one sound.
Then as the sun did rise to meet the new day a light so bright did appear.
I looked and I gasped as His precious face I seen,then His voice I did hear.

He told us of many thing that we must soon do,
Then He said now I must go and prepare a place for you.
Oh Lord the day is nearly gone please stay awhile longer
My heart is filled with sadness please stay till I'm stronger.
He hugged each of us and these words He did say

Do Not Be Afraid I Am With You Always.

Written By:
Copyright 2002 All rights reserved.