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Lord I'm praying, for a friend I know, He's lost in this world, with no place to go.

His home was a jungel in a land far away, And his battels go on, day after day.

His friends say it's best, if he'll just forget. But the battels go on, in his mind they are set.

He does not know, what the war was about, But his country said go, and he was sent out.

Lord would you please, hear my friends prayer, Lord would you please, show him you care.

He'll listen to you, and ask for your love, And he'll take his orders, from you up above.

Lord I'm not very good, for speaking for others, But someone must speak, for all of my brothers.

Lord we'll put our lives, in your command, And we'll finaly find peace, in your precious hands.

Lord I must confess, that the prayer I've just said. was not for a friend, but for me instead.

But it is not wrong, to pray for someone else, So lord this prayers for them, as well as myself.

Written By

Ken Ferguson