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One In God's Eyes

This page is dedicated to my husband Ken,
Who just came through his open heart surgery.
And even though he was so sick and in pain,He was strong for me.
Ken I love you and Im so grateful for the 34 years we have had together.
I love you dear.

Sometime's God has way of working things out where He get's our full attention and show's us how much stronger a love can grow
And what we should most value in our life.
God also shows us the things that has caused us problem's in our past
is what we both depend on each other in our dailey life to make us as one.
Ken thanks you for being so strong for me these past few weeks
when I should have been the one strong for you I was so weak and so scared you kept your faith and you made me believe everything would be fine.
You kept your promise you made to our children and me .
You saw where my weakness was and made me believe everything was going to be fine.
When you wasn't able to help yourself you was at peace,
because you knew without a doubt that our children and myself would stay near and wouldn't let anything go wrong
You could depend on us to be stronge for you.
God has touched us in many ways these past few weeks and has made us both realize how much we need each other because in God's eyes we are one.
Love you,chrissy

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