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This is our oldest granddaughter Krystal Gibbs. She is 14 years old, and just a natual in all the sports she is in at her school, she runs track, plays vollyball, soft ball, gynnastics, cheerleader, basket ball. We have another Jessica who already is following in Krystal foot steps. my wife and i are very pround of the girls, and the wonderful job our daughter Michelle, and son in law David works so hard getting the to practice, games, it is a very hard task' yes im a bragging pap pa. i just wanted people who visit Krystals page. to know a little about Krystal, and the very hard work she does with all her sports going on almost at the same time, and still is on the A-B honorroll. Love You Girl Pap Paw & Nanny

November 06, 2004

Today, Krystal's track team had their section track meet. Our girls took first place overall in our area section. Krystal finished in 2nd place with a time of 21:23 she ran 3 miles

November 06, 2004

Krystal is number 92 on the bottom left

November 13, 2004

Krystal's 2nd from the left

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