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Installation of the stroker long block engine was no different to swapping in another 4.0 engine since it's exactly the same externally. There were no problems mating the engine with my '92 AX15 5-speed manual transmission, and the pilot bearing with sleeve 53009180AB was pressed into the outer pilot bearing hole of the crankshaft. The flywheel and clutch assembly were reused.
All the ancillary items bolted straight up. I reused my Flowkooler water pump and installed a Robertshaw balanced 180* thermostat. I also reused the original intake manifold with Ford Racing 24lb/hr injectors, 62mm bored throttle body, 62mm bored TB spacer, and homebrew FIPK. The engine computer is stock with a JET Stage 2 PCM piggybacked to it.

Stroker long block engine complete and ready for installation. I sprayed the head and valve cover with matt black heat-resistant paint, and cleaned the block till it was shining like a new pin. The oil pan was also thoroughly cleaned. Sexy huh?

Passenger side view. Distributor is indexed and has a new pick-up. The engine number stamped on the side of the block is 008MX24, so the date of manufacture is 24th August 2000. The cylinder head is my original '92 version which is ported to improve airflow.

The inner pilot bearing hole diameter of the '92-'04 4.0 crank (left) is smaller than that of the AMC 258 crank (right) and that of the '87-'91 4.0 crank so if you have a '92-'04 AX15 or NV3550 manual transmission, pilot bearing with sleeve 53009180AB (1.82" OD x 0.75" ID) should be pressed into the outer pilot bearing hole of the AMC 258 crank. It's the same diameter as that of all 4.0 cranks. Pilot bearing 53009181 (1.00" OD x 0.75" ID) is too small to fit in the inner hole of the AMC 258 crank.

If you have an '89-'91 AX15 manual transmission, use pilot bearing 33004041 (1.04" OD x 0.59" ID). It fits perfectly in the inner hole of the AMC 258 crank.